244. Exposure

Exposure. The necessary exposure for this class of work will depend entirely upon the subject, but you must bear in mind that when photographing machinery you are dealing principally with dark colored objects, which will require longer exposure in order that full detail may be secured in the shadows. It is very essential that all portions of the subject present clear detail, and, therefore, a sufficient amount of exposure must be given to accomplish this. A reasonable amount of over-exposure will do no harm as this can be controlled in the developing. A little experience will soon enable you to judge very closely the amount of exposure required.

245. Development

Development. For all important work such as above described, especially where there is any likelihood of halation, the Special Method for exposure and development, described in Volume II, should be employed. For all ordinary work the Universal Formula will answer.

Photographing Castings And Machinery 090060

Photo by T. E. Dillon

Illustration No. 54

Interior - Cotton Machine in Operation

See Paragraph 243

Photographing Castings And Machinery 090061

Fig. A. Plain Photograph

Photographing Castings And Machinery 090062

Fig. B. Negative Blocked - Detail Worked-In

Illustration No. 55

Machinery - Blocking Negatives

See Paragraph 248