88. Lens

Lens. For portrait work it is advisable to have a regular portrait lens. There are many different kinds of portrait lenses on the market, all of which will produce very good results. Some instruments, however, possess qualities far superior to others, enabling the production of artistic results much more easily and efficiently. It is quite essential that the portrait lens be of good rapidity-i. e., permit of exposures being made in the shortest possible time. The average portrait lens working at f-4.5 or f-5 will answer every purpose. The lens must have perfect definition and give excellent depth and roundness. For regular portrait work it will not be necessary to stop the lens down, as the open, or full aperture, will give far better portrait quality than if it were stopped down. When photographing groups it will, however, be necessary to reduce the size of the aperture in order to secure the proper amount of depth and have all members of the group perfectly sharp.

89. One of the best portrait lenses constructed, and one which may be found in almost every studio, is the "Dallmeyer." This instrument, with its modifications, is still the standard instrument with many professionals. In addition to the Dallmeyer Patent Portrait lens there is the Voigtlander Euryscope, and the more modern Voigtlander Heliar and Goerz Celor lenses. The highest type of American-made lenses are those manufactured by the Bausch & Lomb Optical Company, whose portrait series are the equal of imported lenses. They make a large variety of instruments, covering the requirements of any portrait worker, from the smallest studio requiring a very inexpensive lens to the largest commercial establishment, demanding the most expensive type.

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Illustration No. 6.

illustration No. 4 A Model Studio Outfit See Paragraph No. 83

illustration No. 4 A Model Studio Outfit See Paragraph No. 83.

Illustration No. 8. Head Rest

Illustration No. 8. Head Rest.

See Paragraph No. 97.

PORTRAIT STUDY Study No. 6 J. E. Mock

PORTRAIT STUDY Study No. 6 J. E. Mock.

90. Another inexpensive lens is known as the Wollen-sak Portrait lens. In addition to this there are a number of other portrait instruments that will answer the purpose of the average worker, and which may be obtained at a reasonable price. The subject of portrait lenses is thoroughly covered in Volume VI.

Illustration No. 5 The Ingento Vignetter See Paragraph No. 92

Illustration No. 5 The Ingento Vignetter See Paragraph No. 92.