434. Method Of Procedure

Method Of Procedure. In making the group picture for the above illustrations, Mr. Rau used six flashbags - four at the side and two at the front of the group, with the camera placed in the corner of the room between the two sets of flashbags. (See Diagram No. 91a.) A large 10-foot tripod was used to support the camera, while a step-ladder was employed for focusing. Victor flash-powder was used, about 1/4 ounce in each bag, and the flash was made by using an electric current from the building. The size plate employed was 18 x 22, Cramer Crown. The camera was fitted with a 7-A, 16-inch focus, Goerz Dagor lens, stopped to f. 16.

435. A Valuable Suggestion

A Valuable Suggestion. A very clever device arranged by Mr. Rau, which created much amusement for the guests, was as follows: Cartoons of some of the prominent members present were sketched on white canvas and, folded in a neat little roll, were placed on the top of each flashbag, with the top end of the sketch pinned fast. When the flash was set off the concussion of the powder caused the cartoons to drop over the front of the bags, thus serving to hide the bags and also furnishing fun for the guests. The bags were left intact until after the guests had adjourned, and no effects of smoke or odor from the powder was perceptible.

436. Quick Delivery Of Prints

Quick Delivery Of Prints. Another very interesting part of this demonstration of smokeless flashlight was, that within 36 minutes by the watch, after the flash was made, two mounted photographs of the group were circulated through the audience, for inspection. The financial success of flashlight work depends on quick results. It is important to have one or two solicitors with samples of finished prints, mingling among the guests, securing their orders and collecting the amount while they are interested. Never depend upon obtaining orders after the guests have departed, for by that time all interest will have ceased and orders will be hard to obtain at any price. Other examples of flashlight photography are shown in Illustrations No. 92 and No. 92a.