A self-toning collodion emulsion, coated on Post Card stock. Requires no toning bath. Produces rich carbon sepia tones.


504. Printing

Printing. Print until the high-lights are well tinted.

505. Washing

Washing. Wash in six changes of water, of about 70° temperature, separating the prints thoroughly in each water.

506. Hypo Bath

Hypo Bath. Fix twenty minutes, or until the shadows are well cleared up, in hypo bath, 30 degrees hydrometer test, or in three ounces of hypo crystals to 32 ounces of water. Handle the prints constantly in this bath and keep them well separated.

507. Place the prints from the hypo bath into a salt bath of four ounces of common salt to a gallon of water. Keep them well separated in this bath for 10 minutes. Then wash one hour in running water, or in 16 changes by hand, separating the prints thoroughly in each water. Dry between clean photographic blotters.

508. For purple tones treat the same as in directions for Gold Paper.

509. To Flatten Prints

To Flatten Prints. Take a piece of two or three inch gas pipe, or a paste board mailing tube, two feet long, and cover with clean paper, pasted to the tube. Cut a strip of heavy, strong paper several yards long and two feet wide. Attach one end of the paper to the tube with paste; then place the prints face down on the paper and proceed to roll up the paper until all the prints are enclosed in the roll. Let them remain in the roll for an hour. Should the prints curl too much reverse them in the roll for five to ten minutes.