Pyro. - Too much pyro clogs the whites. Too little pyro: slow development, lack of brilliancy.

Alkali. - Too much alkali: quick development, dense, flat negatives. Foggy and granular. Too little alkali: slow development, contrast.

Sulphite. - Too much sulphite: cold, gray tones. Too little sulphite: warmer tones, inclined towards yellow.

Water. - Too much water: thin highlights, plenty of detail but lack of snap and strength. Too little water: more contrast.

Temperature. - Normal, 65 ° to 700 Fahr. Higher temperature, intensity and likely fog. Lower temperature: flatness, lack of snap.

Drying; Negatives. - The warmer and closer the atmosphere in which the negative is dried, the more dense it becomes. Wherever possible, negatives should be dried with an electric fan, or under some breeze. The quicker they dry, within limit, say within a few hours, the finer the grain will be.