199. Choice Of Subject And Filter

Choice Of Subject And Filter. If pleasing results in landscape work are desired, a good deal of discrimination must be exercised in the selection of the ray filter. You should also be careful in choosing a subject upon which to use the combination of ray filter and color sensitive plate, as it is not worth the while to employ them in some cases; for, as previously stated, the difference in the resulting negatives will be practically unnoticeable. It is hardly necessary to say that orthochromatic plates will in all cases answer where an ordinary plate is used - without a screen - but it is in landscape work, flower photography, as well as picture copying and interior work, that the benefit is gained by the use of color corrected materials.

200. It is quite clear that a good filter will require a fixed time with the plate for which it is made, and it is necessary for you to experiment, to a certain extent, with the color corrected materials before you will be able to secure accurate exposure. Where short exposures are desired, and especially when using the hand camera, for cloud photography and for views containing moving objects, the lightest tinted filter only can be used; while the deeper ones will produce the best results for general landscape work, flower photography, and copying colored pictures. But in using the deeper colors it is necessary to employ a firm support, preferably a tripod, otherwise, owing to the length of exposure, a blurred image will result.