285. Red Prussiate Of Potash (Ferricyanide)

Red Prussiate Of Potash (Ferricyanide). Red prussiate crystals, when pulverized, become a yellow powder. Action, acid. Must be kept from the light and air as it will readily decompose. Dissolves slowly. Do not confuse with ferrocyanide, commonly called yellow prussiate of potash.

286. Persulphate Of Ammonia

Persulphate Of Ammonia. White crystals or granular. Action, acid. Will decompose readily if allowed to remain in the air. Dissolves readily in water.

287. Hypo-Sulphite

Hypo-Sulphite. Commonly called hypo (thiosul-phate of sodium). Put up in crystals and granular form. Colorless. Dissolves readily.

288. Alum

Alum. White astringent mineral substance. Action, acid. Dissolves readily. Put up in crystals and pulverized form.

289. Sulphite Of Soda

Sulphite Of Soda. Transparent crystals, also granular and dried, (anhydrous). Very soluble in water, two parts of crystal are equivalent to one part dried, (Anhydrous, or granular. Chemical action, neutral or slightly alkaline. Do not confuse sulphite with sulphate of soda.)

290. Sulphuric Acid, C. P. - Chemically pure. A colorless, oily liquid. Commercial sulphuric acid is yellow or brown, and should never be used. Caution : - Never pour water into sulphuric acid, as this would be most liable to cause an explosion. Always pour the acid into the water. Coming in contact with the flesh it will burn. Do not confuse sulphuric acid with sulphurous acid.

MARINE Study No. 6 S. I. Carpenter

MARINE Study No. 6 S. I. Carpenter.