Special notes treating upon the manipulation of the various brands of Hammer plates, compiled especially for this

Library by the Hammer Dry Plate Company.

(For the best results we recommend Hammer formulae for Hammer plates.)

763. For professional work we think pyro and soda produces negatives that have the best printing quality (others may think differently; everyone is entitled to his own opinion).

764. But never condemn nor criticise the chemical effect of a Hammer Plate when it has been developed with some other formula (a formula that has been prepared for some other plate).

765. Any good developer may be used on the Hammer Plate, but if you want to use the developer that is best suited for the Hammer Plate and consequently will produce the best results, use the pyro and soda formula as published herein. Most other developers are stronger than necessary for this plate. The quality is in the Hammer emulsion and does not require any forcing to bring it out. Chemical actions that are forced through hurriedly will result in loss of quality.

766. Important Caution

Important Caution. The importance of care in weighing and measuring the several ingredients of a developer cannot be too strongly urged. The quantities and proportions recommended in the several formulae herewith have been arrived at after most careful study and experiments. Developers cannot be made up successfully by guesswork. If the best results are desired with any given formula, its proportions must be accurately weighed and measured.