465. Washing

Washing. Wash prints in three changes of clear water (about 70 degrees Fahr.), then place them in a salt bath (13 ozs. salt to the gallon of water) for five minutes, separating prints constantly, and wash in three more changes of clear water.

466. Gold Bath

Gold Bath. Tone in plain gold bath made alkaline with a saturated solution of carbonate of soda. Speed of bath should be about seven minutes. Try it with a print before toning the batch to see that it will not cut out the highlights, or tone too fast. Tone to the color desired in the finished print and put into strong salt check bath.

467. Hypo Bath

Hypo Bath. Wash through one water and fix for 15 minutes in hypo bath 12 grains strong. From hypo bath place prints in a salt wash (four ounces salt to one gallon water) for five minutes, then wash as usual.

Part II. Carbon Purple Tones.

468. Printing

Printing. Prints should be made a medium depth; that is, deeper than for sepia tones, and not quite as deep as for black tones. In a general way, print until the highlights are only slightly tinted.

469. Washing

Washing. Wash prints through four changes of water; for the fifth change take two gallons of water, to which add two drams saturated solution of sulphocyanide of ammonia. Put prints into this bath, separate them thoroughly, handling them over for five minutes, then wash through four changes of clear water and tone in the following bath:

470. Toning Bath

Toning Bath.


128 ozs.

Aristo Gold, No. 2 (full strength).............

. 3 drs.

Phosphate of soda (saturated solution), enough to turn red litmus paper blue in six to eight seconds.

471. Tone until a slight purple cast is noticeable through the half-tones. Prints should be made to tone to this point in about five minutes. Then place the prints into a stop water as follows:


2 gals.

Sulphite of Soda (Saturted Solution)...........................

. 1 Ozs.

472. The last prints thrown into this stop water should be allowed to remain for 10 minutes. Then wash through four changes of clear water.

473. Hypo Bath

Hypo Bath. Fix in hypo bath, 15 hydrometer test, for 15 minutes. When fixed, place in salt water (a handful of salt to one gallon of water) for five minutes, then wash thoroughly through at least 12 changes of water.

474. Note. (a) The gold bath should be fresh; it should not be made up more than one-half hour before using.

475. Note. (b) The sulphocyanide bath is used to prevent the whites from bleaching and prepare the prints for a uniform toning in the gold bath.