659. The Necessary Outfit For Printing And Developing Velox Papers

The Necessary Outfit For Printing And Developing Velox Papers. The size of trays to be used in the manipulation of Velox papers is immaterial, so long as they are large enough to hold the prints. In the following outfit is included the smallest size trays that should be used for 5 x 7 or smaller prints. The trays must be made of some substance which the chemicals will not affect. Never use iron trays, or trays made of material that will rust:

15x8 tray for developing.

15x8 tray for intermediate washing.

15x8 tray for fixing bath.

15x8 tray (or larger) for final washing.

15x7 printing frame (or frame for size of negative used).

1 8 oz. graduate.

1 1 oz. graduate.

1 Glass stirring rod.

1 Hydrometer.

1 Camel's-hair brush.

660. It is a good plan to either letter or number each of the trays, so there will be no danger of mistakes.

661. Chemicals Required

Chemicals Required. Metol or ortol, hydroqui-none, bromide of potassium, acetic acid No. 8, sulphite of soda, thiosulphate of soda (hypo), sodium carbonate, alum. One ounce for each of the first four chemicals will be sufficient, while one pound of each of the sodas and alum should be procured.