247. For Lime

For Lime. Drop two drops of strong oxalic acid solution in a glass of water. If it turns the water milky, lime is present.

248. For Alkalies

For Alkalies. If red litmus paper is immersed in the water and allowed to remain one-half hour and does not change color, alkali is not present.

249. For Carbonic Acid

For Carbonic Acid. Add an equal part of lime water. If carbonic acid is present, a precipitate is seen. Add muriatic acid and it will effervesce.

250. For Iron

For Iron. Boil nutgalls and add to the water. If iron is present it turns slate gray. Add a pinch of prus-siate of potash; if it blues, iron is there.

251. For Hard Water

For Hard Water. Dissolve good soap in alcohol; drop a few drops in a glass of water. If the water becomes milky, the water is hard. If it remains clear, the water is soft.