The Executive Board of the P. A. of A. reaches us by telegram as we go to press and announces that the St. Paul Convention will be held the week of July 24th, in the St. Paul Armory. The St. Paul Hotel has been selected as official headquarters and the telegram states that the local enthusiasm is unusually great and that indications point to a most successful convention.

This favorable forecast of the coming National Convention indicates another success at St. Paul - a success which will rival the standard established by the P. A. of A. at Rochester and Milwaukee.

The Professional Photographers' Association of Pennsylvania, to be held at Philadelphia, March 7, 8 and 9. Edwin H. Cooper, secretary, 6th and Market streets, Chester, Pa.

The Photographers' Association of Iowa, through its secretary, F. A. Free, of Davenport, Iowa, is ready to disseminate news in detail regarding the 21 st Annual Convention of the P. A. of Iowa, to be held at Sioux City, Iowa, on May 2, 3, 4 and 5, 1911. Full information in regard to prizes, rules for exhibitors, etc., will be sent upon application to Mr. Free.

It Stays Where You Put It

Eastman Permanent Crystal Pyro is fast making friends among photographers who appreciate the advantages of using a pyro that does not fly about when handled.

It is a well known fact that misplaced chemicals are a constant source of danger in causing spots and stains in unexpected places at unexpected times. Pyro in crystal form eliminates this danger. Eastman Permanent Crystal Pyro stays where you put it.

In addition to this feature is another equally desirable. Eastman Permanent Crystal Pyro is acidified. When using this pyro no acid preservative need be added, as just the proper amount of acid is contained in the crystals. Combine it with sodas and it is ready for use.

The merit and quality of this tested chemical will win your approval on first trial and if you are not acquainted with this pyro put it on the list for your next order. Your dealer will supply it.

The Value Of Formulae

Our photographic materials - plates and papers - are the result of years of experience in the successful combination of all the parts that make up the finished product.

Experience has taught us how to combine quality with reliability - how to produce products that meet every requirement of the photographer, and naturally we use every precaution in the selection and composition of formulae as these formulae largely determine the final results.

The formulae which you find in every package of sensitized material which we send out are formulae that have been thoroughly tested and properly balanced. We do the experimenting and decide on the best combination of chemicals for use in connection with the goods.

The photographer who does not follow specific formulae is experimenting - the photographer who uses one formula for several purposes is sacrificing quality in finished results to a greater or less degree as there is no universal formula. That's why ours differ.

We would be pleased to print and recommend one formula for several or all purposes, but our careful observation and tests prove that such a course is not practical.

We are always pleased to find that a photographer has by a slight modification of our printed formulae improved his results because in such cases he is doing something that we cannot do - he is adapting the formulae to suit local conditions. In deciding on a formula we adopt the one which is based on the broadest lines - the one promising to work best under average conditions and in many cases a slight change to suit local conditions is advisable.

The things we do not like to see are carelessness in compounding formulae or attempts to modify a formula without reason. Unless some knowledge of the action of the chemicals making up the formulae exists in the mind of the photographer, no attempts to deviate from printed rule should be made.

Don't throw formulae away with the wrappings without looking them over, as occasionally they are improved and revised.

Don't doctor formulae without knowing why.

Our expense in preparing and supplying printed instructions is incurred with the sole idea of providing the photographer with the means of securing the most desirable of all things - results.