Las' Sunday me and the Boss took a ride in the Boss' new tourin' car over to a little town 'bout twenty miles away to see if it would be a live enough burg for us to open up a branch studio in.

As we wuz ridin' down the main street we sees a display case an' the Boss sez "Let's stop and visit this feller a moment, if he's open." So we slides up to the curb, shuts off, an' goes in. The man he wuz there readin' the Sunday paper. The Boss says "Howdy," an' tole who he wuz, an' pretty soon they wuz gabbin' away firs' rate. After a while we gets up to go, an' the Boss seein' the dark room door open a little, starts to take a peek in jus' from force of habit, when the man jumps in front of him, an' slams the door an' says he don't 'low no one in his dark room, as it's full of secrets. The Boss says, "Oh, all right, but I didn't see no secrets in your show case." The Boss says them fellers wot's got secrets in their dark room, an' none in their show case, aint mutch to be feared as competitors, so I guess we starts the branch.

The Boss says in the ole days of the pitcher business, men wuz always comin' roun' sellin' secret processes an' that mos' of them wuz, for after you had bit you wuz mos' apt to keep it a secret that you wuz so easy.

The reception room girl says that a secret is somethin' you jus' got to tell and hadent ought to.

So far as I can see the Boss figgers that if he has tumbled on to any stunts in the way of doin' things, it pays him to pass 'em along to the rest of the boys, as they are dead sure to pass some-thin' back jus' as good, or better.

A man comes in the other day and asts the Boss to come an' take a week off with him an' play golf down South somewheres. The Boss says he aint got no time to play cow pasture pool an' the man he says every man is better for havin' some hobby in recreation, an' the Boss says sure I got a game, an' the man says "What?" and the Boss says "Chase the wolf." Where do you play that, says the man, and the Boss says, Right here in the studio, six days in the week, and if you want to be a good player you gotto keep in practice all the time."

The Boss says keepin' the wolf outside the boundary line with a stack of dollars, furnishes all the excitement his system will stand.

Edward Bok, of the Ladies' Home Journal.

Edward Bok, of the Ladies' Home Journal.

Pirie Macdonald. Phtographer-Of-Men New York.

From an Artura Iris print.