Me an' the Boss we had an argument, he said them new Seed 30 plates was twict as fast as the twenty-sevens, an' I said they wasent.

The Boss said wot did a little shrimp like me know about it annyhow, an' I said I tested 'em - sure - I took a 27 an' a 30 an' went up on the roof an' dropped 'em off and the 27 got to the ground jus' as soon as the 30.

The Boss said that if I did any more of that sort of testin' that he'd speed me - some men ain't got no sympathy for investigators.

Seems like I got twisted like the Frenchman we got workin' up in the printin' room, he's studyin' our langwidge, an' he asts the reception room girl wot is a horse when he is tied to a hitchin' post, an' she says "he's fast," an' he says what is he when he's running away, an' she says "he's a fast horse," - an' there you are.

Hones tho, them Seed 30's is mighty fast, the Boss says they are simply grate for kid pitchers, jes' snipty snap of the shutter, an' it's took. The printin' room fellers say they are grate to print, as they don't have no fakin' to do, even from negs made on the darkest days - an' the quality is jes' as good as the 27, an' that's goin' some.

The Boss bot one of them new Rounds print washers, an' I put a couple of the gold fish from the akquarium in the reception room in it, an' it whirled 'em aroun' so fast it made 'em seasick.

That washer is sure some time saver though - I know 'cause I have to wash the prints, an' twenty minutes washin' does the trick - the permanganate an' soda test don't turn color.

Me an' the Boss went fishin' the other day - the Boss says a day's fishin' helps him to get a better perspective - whatever that is - dident see him ketch none of them - I cot two chubs, an' the back of my britches on a barb wire fence, an' if the Boss hadent a brung me home in his buzz waggon I'd a cot somethin' else when I got home.

The reception room girl's sister gave me a invite for a May walk, I wassent hep to what they was, so I asts the Boss wot was a May walk, an' he says that's wot yo'll take if you don' 'tend to business 'round here. Now I'm wonderin' what the other May walk is - maybe I got a rival.

The Boss is fixin' up a new display case, he says he ain't goin' to have so awful many prints in it, but that he is goin' to change them often.

The Boss says a grate big case chuck full of prints reminds him a good deal of when a hive of bees gets after you, some of'em are pretty blame sure to get you, but you can't tell jes' what ones made the impression.

The Boss says he believes in concentration, that a dozen phony-grafts all play in' Caruso records to onct would drive all the neighbors out of the block, but that jus' one would hold 'em.

The Boss says the very bes' work you can turn out aint none too good for your show case, 'an that he dasent have a big case even if he wanted to, because he couldent make enough of the right sort of prints to fill it every week.

From An Artura Iris Print By Dudley Hoyt New York City.

From An Artura Iris Print By Dudley Hoyt New York City.

Eastman Studio Reflector

This is a new idea in a reflector that quickly appeals to the photographer who keeps abreast of the times. It is light, durable and easy of adjustment and consists of two swinging screens, each 24 x 36 inches, mounted one above the other in a strong iron frame. Each screen is black on one side and white on the other and can be swung at any angle and securely locked. The frame is on casters, stands six feet high, and is elegantly finished in Japanned copper.


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