Arthur Brisbane is not styled as an advertising man. He's an editor. But nevertheless there's no better advertising man in the country to-day - either for his employer or himself. Mr. Brisbane in a recent talk to the Syracuse Ad Club said: "Use a picture; it's worth a thousand words. Use a picture with five words, a comparison in thirty words."

The picture in advertising is the thing. And when that picture is a photograph it's doubly effective because it bears the stamp of truth. But it must offer the argument, tell the story that the advertiser wants to convey. If it is merely pretty, or is irrelevant, it is meaningless and might better be omitted.

We are offering $2500.00 in prizes for pictures that will help us tell the story of the witchery of Kodakery. Let us send you a portfolio of our 1910 Kodak Advertising Competition and the terms for 1911.

Artura Suggestions

The development of the medium speed brands may be carried on by yellow artificial light.

It is safe to develop prints at a distance of six feet from a 16-candle power incandescent lamp (or light of equal strength), without a screen of any kind.

Artura Carbon Black must be handled in orange or red light. A single thickness of orange (Post Office) paper as a screen, will be sufficient.

To obtain the best quality in the prints, use the developer formula recommended by the manufacturers.

Increasing the amount of Elon or Metol and reducing the amount of Hydrochinon will produce softer results.

Increasing the amount of Hydrochinon and reducing the amount of Elon or Metol will increase the brilliancy or contrast of the prints to a certain extent.

For all Artura formulae: mix the chemicals in the order given.

Do not overwork the fixing bath.

Allowing water to spatter on the dry prints before development will cause spots.

All Artura developing formulae call for saturated solution of Bromide of Potash. One drop of saturated solution is about equal to ten drops of a ten per cent. solution.

Do not use Glacial Acetic Acid, as it is too strong. Use No. 8 Commercial or 28% Acetic Acid.

If you have mislaid your manual "Artura Results," ask us for a copy of the latest edition.

July. Our Illustrations

To receive recognition by the Chicago public, one must have done something decidedly worthy of that recognition. Mel-vin H. Sykes, like all Chicagoans, is a busy man and he has kept busy for the last seven years, building up the reputation that has made the name of Sykes well known in his city where there are so many men on the rungs of the ladder of success that climbing is by no means an easy task.

Mr. Sykes recognized in Artura a means to further his success and the continued use of Artura in the Sykes Studio is proof that his judgment was well grounded. It was no easy task to select our few illustrations from the many beautiful examples of work to be found in the Sykes Studio, but we are pleased to give what we think is a good general idea of Mr. Sykes' work, though the engravings fail to reproduce the beautiful richness of the original Artura prints.