The R. O. C. Enlarging Back is a very convenient device for transforming the regular view camera into an enlarging camera. It takes the place of the camera back and is fitted to the camera in the same way, instantly adapting it to the making of enlargements either by artificial or daylight. The back is similar in construction to the back of the Graphic Enlarging Camera, is fitted with ground glasses for diffusing, full set of kits and is made in two sizes to fit the 6 1/2 x 8/4 and 8 x 10 Empire State and Premo View Cameras. Adapters to fit R. O. C. and Century View-Cameras supplied without extra charge.

Showing Back attached to View Camera.

Showing Back attached to View Camera.

If you make enlargements, the information in the advertisement on page 30 may be just the information you have been looking for.

Father really ought to have his picture taken - he hasn't had a photograph since that funny looking one in the cut-away coat that he was married in. ('Twas a noon wedding, you know.)

Yes, mother says 'twas a good one of him as he looked then, but really, for the sake of the family, there should be one of him as he looks now.

There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

Those old Daguerreotypes of grandfather and grandmother and Aunt Mary and then the quiant pictures of father and mother taken just after the war - money couldn't buy them from you.

Are you forgetful of the fact that future generations would cherish just such pictures of you.

There Are Photographers In Your Town.

The following are section members of the "Professional Photographers' Society of Pennsylvania": D. A. Lowe, Evan D. Evans, G. A. McDannell L. C. Schauble, Clyde B. McDanneli.

Boys And Girls The Skates Are Here. An Example Of Creative Advertising By The Get-Together Sort Of Photographers

The Eastman School of Professional Photography will hold a session in Winnipeg, Manitoba July 23, 24 and 25

Every photographer from the lakes to the mountains should take a holiday and attend the School.

Photographers' Association Of Canada

The Photographers' Association of Canada will hold their Annual Convention on July 9th. 10th and 11th in the C amera Club Rooms, 2 Gould street. Toronto. This year's convention promises to surpass all previous conventions in the matter of exhibits and instruction. Mr. J. W. Beatty will give another talk this year on Composition and no one should miss it. Mr. J. E. Mock of Rochester will be with us and will give us a talk on "Pictorial Photography," viz., "For the Dollar." This is a treat for the photographers and will be given on Wednesday, July 10th. There will be demonstrations each day on the different brands of plates and paper, so that every photographer will be able to get a great many new ideas on the uses of same.

There will be the annual good-fellowship dinner, which will be held Wednesday evening, July 10th; a good musical entertainment is being arranged, then there will be a big wind-up on Thursday afternoon and evening by the manufacturers and dealers, details of which will be announced at the opening of the convention.

Every photographer is supposed to have at least half a dozen portraits neatly framed for the exhibit, which will be retained for the Canadian National Exhibition held the first of September. These portraits should be forwarded to T. J. Leather-dale, 350 Yonge St., "prepaid," so that every portrait will be hanging when the convention opens, and by the way, the President intends opening the convention at 10 o'clock sharp on the morning of the 9th. and every number will be started on the minute without any exception. Programmes and announcements of the different demonstrations will be given out at the opening of the convention.

Now Mrs., Miss and Mr. Photographer, this is your convention, put your shoulder to the wheel, send your dues to Walt Dickson, 238 Queen St. E., Toronto, to-day, then come and bring your wife, husband or employee on the opening day and stay to the finish, that it will pay you is the opinion of your President.

T. J. Leatherdale.

The advertisement on page 22 will bring' you business if properly used.

We furnish the cut to you at cost. Read the conditions.

From An Artura Iris Print By the Larrimer Art Shop.

From An Artura Iris Print By the Larrimer Art Shop.

Marion, Ind.