Do you look upon the chemicals you use as "just chemicals," without ever a thought of the part they play in producing the work on which you depend for bread and butter?

Some photographers seem to think that photographic chemicals are "just chemicals," powder or solution, and let it go at that.

Here's an example: Mr. Blank was in trouble on Carbon Black and at once laid the blame on the paper. He never cast about to find any other source - the fault was in the paper. To our demonstrator, who came along in the midst of this trouble, he said things highly uncomplimentary about Artura paper and Carbon Black in particular. A test was made, using Elon instead of the agent the photographer had on hand. The results were fine and proved the paper O.K.

Then at last the photographer recalled that his stock house had sent him the last lot of his developing agent in a plain paper bag, like those used for "pop corn" at an amusement park.

Photographic chemicals need better protection, and when a dealer thinks you look upon the chemicals you use in your work as you would on pop corn, it's time for you to specify Kodak Tested Chemicals, which are packed in containers that ensure their keeping quality.

November. Bulletin: The Eastman School Of Professional Photography For 1913

Louisville, Ky. .........November 4, 5, 6

Toledo, Ohio.........November 11, 12, 13

The close of the Eastman Professional School for 1913 marks the most successful season the School has ever experienced, both in interest and point of numbers in attendance. Comparisons must of necessity be made with previous years of school "work, there never having been a similar institution.

This year's School has been better and broader, covering a larger field of work and, as a consequence, interesting a greater number of photographers. More photographers who imagined the School had nothing to offer them have become interested and found it a benefit.

The School will be even better next year if its managers can make it so - will be even broader and more helpful. Make your plans to attend in 1914.

November The Only Condition StudioLightMagazine1913 251

You'll soon be thinking of a way to please Father and Mother and friends at Christmas time. Think of photographs. Your portrait, as you are to-day, will please them all.

Port No. 15, Price 50 cents.

Port No. 15, Price 50 cents.

Port. No. 19, Price 50 cents.

Port. No. 19, Price 50 cents.