The Boss haz gone away 2 re-kooperait, an' I am karryin' the hole wait ov the bizzyness on my shoulderz.

I think the Boss sed the dokk-tor sed he had konjested frek-kelz, anny how he had 2 go away for peece an' qwiet.

You C in addition 2 runnin' hiz pitcher bizness he haz been runnin' a agrokulturele 'xperi-ment stattion - he kails ita farm, but hiz wiffe says itz the other thing an' moast uzzually she iz a good gesser.

The last blo' to his knerves kaim when he ordered sum barrels ov hypo an' sum of fertyliz-zer, an' the 'xpress man got 'em mixt an' Dlivered the fertylizzer 2 the studio.

We hoap 2 B abel 2 put the windoes down agane nex' weak; mene while we are dooing a strong biznes.

A demmonstrater kum in an' tuk a whif an' asked wuz we working a knew re-developper.

The oppyrater, an' the reception room girl an' Jimmie the printer, awl think the runnin' ov the bizness wuz lef 2 them, but I kno' I am it Bkaus the Boss tole me knot 2 tri an' inkreece it 2 rappidly.

We got a letter frum the Boss, an' he sed it was a good thing 4 a man 2 find oute that hiz bizness kood get along 4 a while withoute him. We seem 2 B runnin' along mutch the saim az when he iz hear oanly moar so Bkaus we awl feal a morrul res-ponsibillity 2 do the bes' we kan, an' me an' Jimmy aint had a skrap sintz.

Ma wuz figgerin' on kallin' the dokktor 2 C me Bkaus she dident hav 2 tel me 2 brush my teth nor 2 shine mi shooz, nor 2 get up erley, an' she felt mi hed an' maid me stik oute mi tung, but I releeved her strane bi tell-in' her I wuz doin' it 4 the Boss.

There aint no fun in taikin' chantzes of B in kalled down when they aint kno boddy 2 do it.

Knoin' the Boss wood want 2 kno how things wuz goin' I wroat him a letter. I diden' kno' jus' how 2 go aboute it but forchunately I foun' a kompleat leter writer at the 10 cent stoar whitch helped me mutch.

This is the leter. Deer Boss Esteamed and Reverund Sur. Phelin that you wood B anx-tious 2 kno' how the bizness wuz doin' I taik mi pen in hand 2 let you no that I hav' evvery-thing wel in hand. The reception girls feller hung aroun' a while the firs' day but I put a hunk ov ruber chewin gum whair he wood sit on it, an' he did, an' she laffed at him when he faled 2 arize, an' he aint been bak.

The watter pipe in the darkroom busted an' leeked aboute a foot ov watter in 2 the stoar B-low, but it diden do us no dam-mage so why should we worry.

From An Artura Iris Print By Philip Conklin Troy, N. Y.

From An Artura Iris Print By Philip Conklin Troy, N. Y.

Yure dog got runned oaver bi Hen Jimpson's auttymobile, an' he bit 1 ov the tires an' punk-tured it, we got the repare bill  4 the tire I mene az the dog is pas' reparin. Shal we pay it or hole it til you retterne?

Outcide of the wetther B-in' bad an' knot menny sitters biz-ness iz good.

With best wisshes frum us awl an' hoapin' you will sune rek-kover I remane very respekti-bully yures,

The Office Boy.

P. S. Yure barn iz on fire will write you agane when it iz oute.

P. S. Itz oute.

Another Tank Developer Formula

In some parts of the country the regular Pyro formula for developing in the Eastman Plate Tank is apt to give negatives of insufficient contrast to produce brilliant prints. This is due to a difference of the water in different localities. Photographers having trouble in obtaining the required amount of density and contrast, when developing in the tank, can overcome the trouble by using a more concentrated developer and a less proportion of Sulphite of Soda. In such cases the regular Pyro Tank Developer formula could be used double strength, but the proportion of Sulphite of Soda should be reduced.

A very good formula combining Elon or Metol with Pyro has been worked out by some of our demonstrators and we are publishing same below for the benefit of those in whose hands the regular formula does not give as much brilliancy as is desired. When making up this formula in the proportions given, the C. K. Tested Sodas should be used.

Elon Or Metol Pyro Developer

Slock Solution A




Metabisulphite of Potassium.



Bromide of Potassium . . .



Elon or Metol........



Pyro . . . . ,........



Stock Solution B




C. K. Sulphite of Soda . . .

1 1/2


C. K. Carbonate of Soda . .



To use for TANK, take 2 1/2- ozs. Stock Solution A. 2 1/2 ozs. Stock Solution B. 60 ozs. Water. Temperature 65 degrees. Time 15 minutes.

To use for TRAY, take 1 oz. Stock Solution A. 1 oz. Stock Solution B. 10 to 16 ozs. Water.

Kodak Tested Chemicals insure the success of your results. Their action is uniformly certain.

From An Artura Iris Print By Philip Conklin Troy, N. Y.

From An Artura Iris Print By Philip Conklin Troy, N. Y.

A Progressive

Mr. Philip Conklin, of Troy, N.Y., is essentially a "Progressive "as the term applies to the business of the photographer.

He is a good photographer, a good advertiser and a good business man. His studio is well appointed and inviting, but if his customer wishes to be spared the inconvenience of a visit to the studio, he is just as willing to go into the home for his negatives.

This is one of the many indications of his progressiveness and it is a step which more photographers are taking every day. The photographer must keep up with and a little ahead of the buying public to be successful.

Artura is the paper Mr. Conklin has found best suited to the high standard of quality maintained by his printing department. His progressiveness, however, has led him to make an exhibition of ZeJta prints which he says have been commented upon most favorably by his customers.

We feel assured of your interest in the excellent examples of Mr. Conklin's work which we are privileged to reproduce in this issue of Studio Light.

A Progressive StudioLightMagazine1913 87