Artura Print From An Eastman Portrait Film Negativ StudioLightMagazine1914 87

Artura Print From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative

By Gerhard Sisters

(Of the Women'8 Federation)

St. Louis, Mo.

Artura Print From An Eastman Portrait Film Negativ StudioLightMagazine1914 88Artura Print From An Eastman Portrait Film Negativ StudioLightMagazine1914 89

Artura Print From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative

By Gerhard Sisters

(Of the Women's Federation)

St. Louis, Mo.

Artura Print From An Eastman Portrait Film Negativ StudioLightMagazine1914 90

The accompanying diagrams will give a fairly clear idea of the method of construction. Cut No. 1 shows wooden plug in place in form. Cut No. 2 shows method of making connection for drain pipe. Cut No. 3 gives a cross lengthwise section of the proposed sink. Cut No. 4 is a view of the sink from above. The shaded sections indicate reinforced concrete. The outside lines show the outside permanent form and the dotted lines the inside temporary form and position of wooden slats when in place. Cut No. 5 shows the upper inside edge of inner form, illustrating the placing of blocks to make notches for slats. These blocks may be longer or shorter, depending altogether on whether the wooden slats are wanted nearer to the bottom or top of the sink.

See notice of Kodak Advertising Competition, page 25.

$3000 in cash prizes. Write for circular giving details.

Our Illustrations

Every photographer who has attended a National Convention in recent years knows of the Gerhard Sisters and their work. Their charming personalities have won for them many friends, while their indefatigabil-ity and keenness for everything which might be of benefit to them in their business has helped them to attain an enviable position in the world of photography.

The Gerhard Sisters were retouchers for F. W. Guerin, of St. Louis, and at his death succeeded him in the business. Realizing that the buying public had come to expect something more of the photographer than the stereotyped portrait, and that this same public was willing to pay for work of real artistic merit, they made a study of art and applied their ideas in a practical way to their photography. They have been unusually successful but they have worked hard to gain each step of the up-hill climb.

Their success in studio work was followed by the "pictures in your home" idea, in which they have also been successful. No half-way measures were adopted in this branch of their work, their outfit for home portraiture being as complete as for studio work. Their progessiveness led them to adopt Eastman Portrait Film exclusively for home portraiture - its quality and convenience appealing to them as it has to every photographer who must work in the homes of his subjects. And though every home portraitist must work under conditions unfavorable to the use of glass plates, these conditions are readily overcome by the exceptional speed and non-halation qualities of the film.

We might add that while a quantity of Artura is used in this studio, the highest priced work is made on Eastman Etching Platinum exclusively.

Alive to their opportunities, these women have persevered in their belief that the public wants better work and will pay the price for it. They have spared no expense to put quality into their product, and with a tenacity of purpose which any man might be proud of, thay have not only built up an excellent business - but have erected a beautiful studio planned after their own ideas and requirements.

It is our privilege to show a number of beautiful examples of the home portrait work of the Gerhard Sisters in this number of Studio Light. They are of unusual interest, not only as illustrations of the very clever work of these women, but as examples of the exceptional quality of Eastman Portrait Film as well.

If you want every result to count, use Artura.

National Convention Notes

At the National Convention of the P. A. of A., to be held at Atlanta, Ga., June 15th to 20th, the Parcel Post rate on photographs, revision of the fire insurance rates on studios, the licensing of photographers, and other live issues, are expected to be brought before the Congress of Photography for definite action.

Photographers who want to grow in the profession cannot afford to miss this Convention. The P. A. of A. is the one organization through which each photographer may secure the reforms which he would like to see accomplished but which he cannot bring about single handed. This is the year we all get together and make the Association strong enough to accomplish National reforms for the profession.

John I. Hoffman,


It is not convenience alone that has popularized


It is the exceptional quality of its emulsion, combined with its speed and non - halation properties, that has set a new standard of negative quality.