The man who plans a systematic campaign for business is more sure of results than the one who takes business as it comes.Business methods have been preached to photographers at all conventions and schools and in magazines for several years - and it is beginning to have its effect.

There is no reason why a photographer should not make a study of business methods, the same as any other man who has a commodity to sell. "Art for art's sake" sounds good and is all right for the man who has an income from other sources, but it doesn't permit of a very thick spreading of butter on the proverbial bread.

Just now business men are planning their Christmas campaign, Christmas displays, Christmas advertising for the newspapers and the stock of new goods for Christmas business. Of course, the latter, in photography, is practically covered by mounts, folders, leather photograph cases and gift frames. But new goods will always create new enthusiasm in your sales department.If I were conducting a studio at the present time and business was a bit slack, I would jump at the opportunity so offered to plan a Christmas campaign.

The Christmas Campaign StudioLightMagazine1914 211


By Melvin H. Sykes Chicago, Ill.

The Christmas Campaign StudioLightMagazine1914 212

I would carefully go over all the ideas that conventions or the Eastman Professional School had suggested to me; would get the ideas of all my employees and would give careful consideration of all the new things offered in the way of mountings, etc. When a decision was reached as to what lines of work were to be pushed for Holiday business, I would personally superintend the making of a sufficient number of new samples to replace all those in the sales-room with enough left over to make frequent changes in my show case display for the entire Holiday season. This finished, I would either buy some of the printed show case cards offered by Taprell, Loomis & Co., or have some neat cards lettered by an expert in this work to be used in the show case.

Then there is the newspaper advertising which reaches all who read - those who see and those who don't see your display case. It must receive your most careful thought, or it is money wasted. It must compel attention or it will not be read, but it must do more; it must be worth reading or it will not hold attention until its purpose is accomplished. The cuts we offer on page 22 will attract attention to your advertising and a few well worded sentences will make the reader want to see the kind of portraits you make. -

An attractive display case will help create the desire for photographs, and courteous treatment, a clean, neat studio, prompt delivery of work and business method in all your transactions with the public, will insure your holding your business, provided your work is what it should be.

Plan your campaign in advance, and you will get your share of the business and a little more.