The second broadside of big guns of our spring advertising campaign has been fired. The advertisement shown on page 7 has appeared in March numbers of The Saturday Evening Post and Collier's and the April numbers of the Ladies' Home Journal and Woman's Home Companion.

Easter business should have been good - unusually good for those who followed up our big March magazine campaign of the "There's a photographer in your town" advertising. But there are pictures to be made directly after Easter as well as before. Much of the Easter finery was not ready for Milady in time to permit of portraits before Easter. But a portrait should be made, and you can make it later in April if, by advertising, you suggest, and keep reminding those who read that a portrait is a mighty desirable thing at this particular season.

Probably you have been advertising - have made a lot of people want portraits, but they have put it off until the time when they would have their new spring wearing apparel. If this is the case, it is certainly not the time to drop your advertising but rather the time to increase it, if you can.The copy on page 7 which we have used in the March and April magazines is good at any time, and as it is short and to the point, may readily be used in most any space. However, the first thing to consider in all advertising is to attract attention to what you have to say.

A six inch space of solid reading matter in a newspaper is like one of a dozen or so unmounted landscape photographs placed close together on a wall. None of them have any special prominence and any one may be overlooked by the casual observer. Place one of those prints on a white mount with suitable margins and it is the most conspicuous picture in the lot.That's why we use a large white space around a small amount of type matter in our advertisements. It is worth what you pay for the space to have attention focused on your advertisement - to have it properly mounted, as it were.

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By Sweet Studio

L. D. Sweet, Proprietor

Minneapolis, Minn.

It's a long way to some people's pocket-books, but those are the people who usually have a full purse and are eventually reached by good advertising.