The reflector is 6 feet 4 inches by 44 inches, is suspended on a folding, telescoping stand and has an adjustable rod to hold the reflector at any desired angle. When fully extended, the reflector is 7 feet high.

The Auto Studio Shutter is operated by cable release and is placed back of the lens. The two overlaping curtains which form the exposing mechanism, open from the center and are noiseless in operation.

Home Portraiture StudioLightMagazine1915 32


The Sterling Portrait Film holders supplied with this outfit are constructed with the same care as the rest of the equipment. These holders are provided with improved, spring finger, light-excluding cut-off which effectually prevents fogging the film when inserting or withdrawing the slide. The slides are made of rubbed finish press board and will not warp, crack, buckle or collect dust. Sterling Plate Holders can be supplied at the same price when desired.

Two solid sole leather carrying cases contain the complete outfit. The cases are velvet lined and compartments are provided for every part of the outfit, including space for six Portrait Film Holders. Each case has two snap catches, as well as lock and key.

The lens we recommend needs very little description. Its high speed and remarkable flatness of field commend it especially for portrait work, and fully timed negatives may be made with very short exposures.



8 x 10 F. & S. Home Portrait Camera No. 2 with one 8 x 10 Sterling double Portrait Film Holder and velvet-lined sole leather case with lock and key.....



8 x 10 Sliding Ground Glass Carriage without Film Holder . .

10 00


F. & S. Home Portrait Stand No. 2

30 00


Velveteen Background, 6 x 6 ft. .



F.& S.Reflector ......



Focusing Cloth........



Extra 8 x 10 Sterling Film Holders, each $2.50........



No. 0 Studio Shutter.....



B. & L.-Zeiss Tessar Lens, Series lc, f.4.5, No. 18.......



Velvet-lined Sole Leather Carrying Case with lock and key for Stand, Reflector and Background ...........


FOLMER & SCHWING DIVISION Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, N. Y.

Home Portraiture StudioLightMagazine1915 33

Custom dictates that, as compared with Christmas, the Easter gift shall be but a trifle - yet it shall convey the true spirit of the season - the spirit of goodwill and friendship and kindliness. And when to these it adds the personal touch it conveys sentiment without sentimentality. Between friends - a photograph.

There s a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.


Magazine advertising never meant anything to the photographer until we began our series of "There's a photographer in your town" advertisements in the national magazines. To-day this advertising is an important factor in your business.

The circulation of the March magazines carrying our Easter copy, shown on page 9, is between five and one-half and six million copies. These magazines go into the best homes in your town, and they are more carefully read by these people than your local papers.

One hundred thousand readers of Vogue - and these are our wealthy and well-to-do women - will be attracted to the full page advertisement which suggests photographs for Easter. Every woman who reads Vogue - who plans her Easter gown and bonnet from its fashion suggestions - will be faced with that argument for having photographs made for Easter.

But while that page in Vogue will be effective - while it will reach a hundred thousand women who can afford a new Easter gown, and will make them want a photograph for the Easter remembrance, the quarter page advertisement which will appear in the March numbers of the Ladies' Home Journal, Woman's Home

Companion, Saturday Evening Post and Collier's will bring the circulation of this one advertisement up to almost five and one-half million copies, reaching practically every class of readers who can well afford Easter photographs.

But this is not all.This advertisement will also appear as a full page in Harper's, Scribner's and Century for March, bringing the total circulation close to the six-million mark.This sort of advertising can't help making business and doing you good. If you do your part it will make the Easter business remind you of Christmas.

Easter comes on the fourth of April this year, so there is time for you to get busy with your advertising.We are putting the soil in shape for business to grow, but you have to sow your own seed. It is up to you to advertise the fact that you are the particular photographer referred to in this advertisement.

The most expensive newspaper advertising is usually the cheapest because the price of space is based on circulation. And the greatest circulation you can buy for each dollar you spend is the cheapest and most effective advertising, provided the circulation is confined to the locality from which you can expect to draw business.

Photographers did more adver-

Home Portraiture StudioLightMagazine1915 34


By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.

Using last year than ever before in the history of photography. Many of them used our copy as it appeared in the magazines, simply substituting their name at the bottom, and under it the line, "The photographer in your town," or a similar slogan.

This connected our advertising with that particular studio and it made business. The combined circulation of the magazines carrying this advertising in 1914 was over twenty-three millions of copies. Can you estimate the number of people who read the slogan, 'There's a photographer in your town"?

And, of the number in your town who read these arguments for having pictures made, can you safely say that most of them would immediately think of you as the one man to go to for a photograph?

If not, it's decidedly up to you to advertise.We are going to continue stirring up business, but it is up to you to get it into your studio. Start now and make the Easter business a record breaker.