Three thousand dollars has been distributed in ten cash prizes to the winners of the 1916 Kodak Advertising Competition.

Competition was keen and the work of the judges was made all the more difficult by the great number of really good pictures entered.

The decisions were often close, but the judges made their selections in a fair minded way. They were guided in their decisions entirely by the merits of the pictures - their suitability for advertising purposes.

The pictures entered in the 1916 contest have been especially interesting because they showed remarkable originality - a great diversity of ideas with selling points - pictures that told a story, and many of them that told their story exceptionally well.

The use of photographs as illustrations in advertising is growing rapidly. Not alone in the national magazines, but in special advertising and catalogues, photographs are being used in greater numbers to show the uses and advantages of the goods advertised and especially to show the pleasure or satisfaction derived from their use.

Such pictures, of real people, doing something real, have human interest. They make other people want to do likewise, and so create a desire for the things about which they tell their story.

Our advertising contests furnish us material for advertising illustrations - our illustrations interest other manufacturers in the use of photographs for advertising, and the experience of those who have competed for our prizes has taught them much about the requirements of the man who has something to sell and wants a picture to help him sell it.

There is a great field for the photographer who has ideas and knows how to express them in pictures, for such pictures are worth money to any advertiser.

The judges of the 1916 contest were Mr. Ryland W. Phillips, President, Photographers' Association of America, Philadelphia, Pa., Mr. E. B. Core, Yonkers, N. Y., Mr. Condi Nast, publisher of Vogue, New York City, Mr. Edward Hungerford, Advertising Manager, Wells Fargo Express, New York, and Mr. W. R. Hine, Vice President and General Manager, Frank Seaman, Inc., New York City.

The prizes were awarded as follows:

First Prize - W. B. Stage, New York

Second Prize - Chas. Luedecke, West Philadelphia, Pa.

Third Prize - Karl Strus, New York

Fourth Prize - Chas. E. Mace, Estes Park, Col.

Fifth Prize - A. Van, Toronto, Canada

Sixth Prize - J. B. Hosteter, Davenport, Ia.

Seventh Prize - Harry Steffens, Cleveland, O.

Eighth Prize - Wm. S. Ellis, Philadelphia, Pa.

Ninth Prize - Wm. C. Motteram, Philadelphia, Pa.

Tenth Prize - Fashion Camera Studio, New York