The officers of the Photographers' Association of America have inaugurated a membership campaign for the upbuilding of the National Association, with the idea of making its organization strong enough and sufficiently representative of the profession to successfully carry out some definite plan of war work.

It is hoped that the association may gain such strength of members that it may be of real service to every photographer who has been called to the colors or to dependents who have been deprived of his support. The first step in the right direction was taken when the P. A. of A. decided, as a war measure, that it would not hold a National Convention until America wins the war.

With conventions out of the way the road should be clear for the formulating and carrying out of some definite and logical plan of war work that would interest every photographer in the country sufficiently to secure his unselfish support.

At such a time as this the individual should not think of the benefit he can derive from a professional association, but of the service he can help his association give to others.

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By Charles Brandenburg New York, N. Y.

There are undoubtedly scores of broad minded and unselfish photographers in the country who will be willing to give of their best thought and their time to formulate and to administer the affairs of any worthy and logical war plan that may be devised. And if the photographer can be assured that his membership fee will be used in a patriotic and humanitarian cause, the association should register close to 100% membership.

Such a campaign would receive the greatest amount of publicity and the most generous support. And while its aim would be to expend all its funds in a worthy cause, it would remain so rich in experience and so strong in good will that when we win this war it would be able to begin its life anew with higher aims, loftier purposes, and the united support of every loyal American photographer.

We hope the National Board and its War Work Committee will decide upon some such broad plan that everyone interested in photography and the war will be glad to help it carry on.Watch the work of the man who uses Artura.

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