Every photographer in the Dominion is interested in the U. S. School of Aerial Photography and what it is doing, so we know you will be interested in the school pictures we have been permitted to publish. These will give you some idea of the adequate facilities of the school's equipment.

It is hardly necessary to say that these are only glimpses of the work and lecture rooms, for there are facilities for keeping six or eight hundred men busily engaged with the work they are required to master before they are ready for their duties in France.

The photographic profession has been, and is now, well represented by men in this important branch of army work. There need be no fear as to whether or not the number will be sufficient or the training of the men sufficiently thorough for the great plans that are being carried out.

Rochester is proud of these men and is doing everything possible to make their short stay pleasant. The Y.M. C. A. - K. of C. hut, of which we show an interior, is directly opposite their quarters in the big Kodak Park building. Entertainments of various kinds are provided and the men of the U. S. School take part in all of Rochester's public festivities.

The men are living up to the best American traditions and will give a good account of themselves when they get into the serious business of war. They may not be able to lower the remarkable records that have been made for developing and printing from aerial camera exposures, but they will certainly hold them down.

It isn't fair to yourself to use a printing process that doesn't get the most out cf your negatives. An Artura print is the best print your negative will give.

U S School Of Aerial Photography StudioLightMagazine1918 150

Developing Room, U. S. School of Aerial Photography

U S School Of Aerial Photography StudioLightMagazine1918 151

Lecture Room, U. S. School of Aerial Photography

U S School Of Aerial Photography StudioLightMagazine1918 152

Finishing Room, U. S. School of Aerial Photography

U S School Of Aerial Photography StudioLightMagazine1918 153

Y. M. C. A. - K. of C. Hut, U. S. School of Aerial Photography

Systematic Reading

Articles of an educational nature which appear in Studio Light should be used by every employee of a studio but we often learn that copies are mislaid or lost and even the proprietor is often without those copies which he would like to preserve for future reference.

It is not possible for us to send Studio Light to every employee of a studio, as our mailing list is large and material, labor and mailing facilities must be conserved as much as possible.

There is a very good plan, however, which is in use in many business establishments and which could be very well used in any studio to insure proper distribution of magazines.

A slip of paper bearing the name of each employee of the studio is pasted or clipped to the cover of the magazine and the page number of any article of special interest to the employee is noted at the bottom of the slip.

The magazine is turned over to the man whose name heads the list. When he has read the magazine he checks off his name and hands it to the next man on the list, and so on until all the names have been checked off and the magazine returned to the office where it is filed away for reference.

This plan not only allows each employee to see all the magazines that come to the studio but seems to encourage the reading of information that is of value to the men in their work. Try it out in your studio.