WE are offering the photog-rapher a new style of cut for use in newspaper advertising.

It is a difficult matter to illustrate the photographers' advertisements in newspapers with halftone reproductions of actual photographs because halftones do not reproduce satisfactorily on the grade of paper used by the majority of newspapers.

Line drawings are most satisfactory from the standpoint of good reproduction and make attractive illustrations provided the drawings are of good quality and suggest photographs. But that is the difficulty - to suggest photographs in a line drawing.

There is another form of illustration, neither halftone nor line, which we think may be more satisfactory than either for newspaper illustration. This is a drawing from a photograph and it is made on a paper with a stippled surface. When the artist draws his pencil across the paper instead of making a solid line he makes a series of dots depending in size upon the surface of the paper.

By this process it is possible to reproduce shadows and highlights much the same as in a halftone with the advantage that there is not an all-over pattern as when a halftone screen is used.

Zinc etchings are made from the drawings and electrotypes are made from the zinc etchings and it is the electrotypes that we furnish to you at less than their actual cost to us.

The reproduction of these cuts is up to the paper which prints your advertising. If you insist upon good reproductions you will get them, as a rule, because the paper wants your business.

If you find that the stipple of these cuts is too fine for good reproduction in your papers, advise us and we will change to a coarser stipple provided it is required for the majority of newspapers.

We would also like to know if there is a demand for these cuts in a larger size. The size we now furnish is for a single column and is suitable for small advertisements or for a large advertisement where a considerable amount of white space is used. If there is a sufficient demand for larger sized illustrations we will be glad to supply them provided the demand is great enough.

The new stipple cut is shown in the suggested advertisement on page 26. If you make use of these cuts, and you should if you do newspaper advertising, will you please give us your opinion of the new cuts and offer any suggestions that in your opinion will enable us to improve this service.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print From a Demonstrator's Negative.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print From a Demonstrator's Negative.

Before Billie starts in school you want his photograph. Photographs of the children never grow up.

In photographing the children we take particular pains for results that will prove particularly pleasing.

Our Advertising Cut Service For You StudioLightMagazine1922 193Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Miss Peggy Stewart Canandaiyua, N. Y.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Miss Peggy Stewart Canandaiyua, N. Y.