The key to your progress is your camera. Does it limit you - hold you back from that better work you wish, always, to do ? The limitations of your outfit build a wall about your progress as a practical photgrapher ? Now, for such photographers as desire the ideal outfit - a really practical hand-and-stand camera which will do everything - we have designed and fashioned what we claim to be the finest universal camera in the world, the Sinclair UNA. Are you ready for it?

Here, then, are details.

The Sinclair UNA is the result of years-long thought and planning. Briefly, the UNA has been made for practical workers who want the best possible.

Every movement and convenience essential for photography of the widest character has been included in the UNA. Everything not essential has been eliminated. We have studied the hand camera, and the stand cameras of the world - analysing their advantages and their imperfections; and we have combined in the UNA the practical advantages of all, with some features that are missing from most cameras. We now affirm that we have made a camera which cannot be equalled in all the world for all-round, practical, efficient usefulness and reliability: the Sinclair UNA hand-and-stand " Universal " Camera.

The Sinclair UNA will give you power to do every class of work. It is a perfect hand camera and is also the equal, instantly, of the weighty stand outfits, for it is a stand camera too. Its weight is less than that of many hand cameras pure and simple! It will take long, short or medium focus lenses. It may be fitted with any shutter. All its movements are simple, yet intensely useful and efficient for every subject. It has a very great rising front - a central swing front. It has a perfected revolving back for changing position of plate or film instantly. For snapshot work, landscapes, architecture, portraiture, copying - everything, it is ideal and absolutely simple to use.

No camera of the day is so perfectly made and none is so strongly made. It is a camera for a lifetime of high-quality work - essentially an instrument for the practical man who would have "everything" in one neat, beautifully-made instrument. Prices, with lens and slides complete, from 7 I7S. 6d.

We invite you to write to us for full illustrated details and price list. A special pamphlet will be sent, free of charge.

James A. Sinclair & Co., Ltd.

54, Hay market, London, S. W.