Well then, here are some of the reasons. With a reflex camera you have visible and certain focussing up to the very instant of exposure. Even as the joy of reading is mostly in the recognition of what we know, so the fascination of reflex work dwells in the recognition, within the magic hood, of the picture that you want to perpetuate. Full size you see your picture, as you want it, when you want it! Just like a kinemacolor within the hood. With a reflex you cannot mis-focus; nor can you mis fire.

And Why the "N.S." Reflex.

The " N. S." Reflex Camera represents a brain-combine: it is a "Newman-Sinclair." Those experienced in camera construction will know how much this means; for the uninitiated we can only say that it stands for all that is finest and most modern in British hand-camera invention and construction.

The " N.S." Reflex was the first reflex to do away with the "rubber blinds" trouble - the " N.S." is not a focal-plane instrument - it has a diaphragm shutter, giving speeds of J to i/iboth second, as well as time exposures.

The "N.S." represents a bold departure from the standard types which are built for cheapness; it is a camera for a lifetime. Why do you never see an " N.S." in the "second-hand" lists? No one ever parts with an" N.S."!

Many reflex cameras are ugly and cumbrous, but the " N.S." is dainty enough for a lady's hands, and exquisitely fashioned and m wiufactured ; yet, considering the luxuries and pleasures it adds to photographic work, the beauty of its details, and the strength and reliability of its parts, it is not expensive.

The "N.S " Reflex allows of exact focussing even with a large-aperture lens; even with a long-focus lens; even when very near the object photographed - because it is a reflex. Even when the rising front is used you can arrange your subject on the ground glass, certain that the negative will be an exact reproduction of the picture you then see.

The lens regularly supplied with the "N.S." Reflex is the Zeiss Tessar Ana-mat, working at the wide aperture of F/a-5. Think of the work you can do with such a lens, with such a camera ! The definition afforded by the lens of the "N.S." is such that the picture you see within the hood of the "N.S." is even more full of detail than the object you are photographing as seen by your own eyes ! Your eye is a good lens, but the Zeiss Tessar is a better one. You can prove this by compaiing your vision with that shown on the ground glass of the "N.S." as you take your photograph. An F/45 lens confers a boon on any photographer, but you need a camera like the " N.S." i" I the full benefits of such an aperture. The " N.S." Reflex enables you to localise the focus of this splendid aperture 011 one spot with absolute certainty and with the utmost ease.

The "British Journal Photographic Almanac" said of the • N S" Reflex: "This is the most notable departure in hand camera construction during, the past ten years."

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-plate, complete with Zeiss Tessar Lens - - 23 10 o

9x12cm - 28 10 o 5x4 - 30 o o



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