Clothing budgets can be, at best, but suggestive plans upon which the individual consumer may base her own expenditures. The following budget is suggested as a plan for a business or professional woman, living in a large city; a woman of average height, weight and measures, who allows herself $150.00 per year to spend upon her clothing. When considering this budget, it must be borne in mind: 1. That the same could serve for a high school or college girl, or the woman at home, if the necessary changes in the type of garments be made to suit the needs of the individual wardrobe; 2. That the young woman living in a large town will not have the same opportunity for buying "specially priced" garments as the city girl; 3. That the woman of larger height, weight and measure, must make allowance for the additional wear and tear on her clothing, by reason of her size, and therefore purchase extra undergarments; 4. That when garments can be made at home, while the initial cost may not be less, the additional length of wear makes for saving; 5. That the prices quoted might vary from season to season, according to political, commercial, or financial conditions. This budget covers a period of three years, showing the interchange of garments to be bought; it is always economy to plan a clothing budget over a period of three years. At the end of each year, some of the garments should be wearable a part of the next, until the time arrives for buying specially priced garments.

Clothing Budget for Three Years for Business or Professional Woman Who Can

Spend $150.00 Per Year for Clothing

Clothing Budget 4

Clothing Budget for Three Years for Business or Professional Woman Who Can Spend $150.00 Per Year for Clothing - Continued

Shoes, Hats, Gloves, Etc


Shoes Hats Gloves Etc 5

Approximately all garments listed in the budget above are priced as ready-to-wear garments. A great saving in cost could be made if some of the undergarments, lingerie waists, skirts, kimonos, etc., were made at home; a saving also by reason of the use of better materials, insuring longer service than those of the ready-to-wear type.