This garment may take the place of a corset cover and short under-petticoat. It always has some fulness at the waist line.

Envelope Chemise

This takes the place of corset cover and drawers; is very comfortable, not difficult to make, and easy to launder. It is a garment cut on chemise lines, with an extension at the lower edge of the back, buttoning over on to the front, to form the leg of the drawers.

Combination corset cover and drawers, or corset cover and skirt, may be cut separately and joined at the waist line by plain band or ribbon beading, or cut on Princess lines, fitting the upper garment in to the figure.


Charming little dressing jackets, kimonos, boudoir caps, and what not, can be also made of inexpensive cotton materials and with very little time, if one is deft in the use of her needle and sewing machine.