Bust, around fullest part of bust, an easy measure for a shirtwaist, a close measure for a tight-fitted waist.

Length of hack, from bone in shoulder to bottom of tape in waist (placed around waist to mark waist line).

Length of front, from hollow of neck to bottom of tape at waist.


Length, inside length taken from muscle where arm joins body, to wrist bone.


Waist, around waist line, comfortably snug measure.

Hip, five to seven inches below waist, tape drawn straight around figure, easy measure.

Length, center front, hip, center back from bottom of tape at waist to floor.

Test Pattern

All commercial patterns should first be tested by measuring patterns and comparing with the individual measure of the person, then making such corrections as are possible on the paper pattern. The pattern (except lining patterns) should then be cut in unbleached cloth or some inexpensive material to be sure that all lines are correct before cutting in the material itself. For this, follow the directions given for cutting and testing drafted patterns, being careful to remember that most commercial patterns allow for seams, in some parts indicated by perforations; in others, the allowance stated in the printed directions accompanying the pattern.