We shall be glad to give the names of Manufacturers all over the country whose Factories we have fitted up with Sewing Machines, Benches, and . . . Power-Driving. Arrangements complete.

Plans and Estimates Free on Application.

Jones' Factory:

Guide Bridge,

Near Manchester.

Or Of Any Op Our Depots.

Contractors to H.M. Government

Contractors to H.M. Government.


Contractors to

H.M. India Government.

By Special Appointment to H.M. Queen Alexandra, July 20, 1901.

Wheeler & Wilson

High-Speed Labour=Saving

Sewing Machines

Are used in the Largest and Best Factories throughout the World.

Machines for all RequirementsBoot-Closing Back-Strapping

Vamping Space-Stitching

Staying Eyeletting

Foxing Over-Seaming

Cording Beading

Binding Welting

Military And Naval Work Goring

Chief Offices :11-21, Paul Street, Finsbury, London.

Wheeler & Wilson

Sewing Machines

Are constructed upon the most approved mechanical principles, whereby the Highest Output is secured with the minimum of Wear and Tear.

The New Vertical Hook Machine,

Constructed for High Speed, reduces friction to the lowest point.

The Hook is constructed with a very high point, which allows of a smaller throw or "dip" of the needle bar than is common with other Machines, and the results are - Diminished Friction on the Sewing Fabric, Higher Speed, and better Stitching.

The Twin-Needle Vamping Machine

For sewing on Vamps and Goloshes, two rows at a time. Fitted with Special Hook and a new devised Presser Foot, which enables the operator to follow irregular lines, or curves, without fear of the width between the two rows of stitching showing any variation.

The Under Edge Trimmer

For Beaded or Bound Work, automatically takes off the surplus lining whilst stitching around the edge is being accomplished.

The New No. 61 Lockstitch Machine

(capacity, 3800 perfect stitches per minute) is used for boot linings. This machine demands the attention of every Boot and Shoe Manufacturer.

The Best Patterns of the Best Manufacturers in Great Britain and America are graded on the "Hartford" Pattern Grading Machine.

Grades Uppers. Grades Soles.

Grades Uppers. Grades Soles.

Patterns are graded with absolute accuracy by this machine to any grade from one standard, in one-twentieth the time required by hand, direct on to zinc, iron, or cardboard. No cutting in paper necessary.

Over 500 Machines in use.

We also supply the following


Pattern Shears (5 kinds). Pattern Punching Machine.

Pattern Binding Machines. Pattern Eyeletting Machine.

Corner Cutters. Binding Reformer.

Vices. Files And Rasps.

Binding Cramps And Presses. Size Sticks.

Filing Tables. American Knife Handles.

Pattern Paper. American Knife Blades.

Pattern Board. Hand Graders.

Brass Binding. Clickers' Awls.

Bernard Cutting Pliers. Marking Crayons.

Steel Rules. Cutting Boards.

Proportional Dividers. Cutting Board Dressings.

Lewis's Grading Tool. Cutting Board Scrapers.

Scallop Graders. Oil Stones.

Pattern Markers. Hand Snips, etc., etc

Liyincston & Doughty,

Nat. Tel. 422. Leicester,.

E. Penton & Son,

1 to 11, Mortimer Street, London, W.

Shoe Tools

Of Every Description.

The Largest and Best Assortment in the Trade, as used by West-end Workmen.

Sole Proprietors

. . of . .

The Patent Size Stick,

As used in the Technical Schools.

Bespoke Register Book,


Bespoke Makers.

Lasts Of The Very Finest Models,

As used by High-Class Boot Makers. Many Thousands Of Pairs Always In Stock.

. Sole Makers of . The Oxford And Cambridge Cream.

Wholesale Factors Of Every Requisite

For The

Boot and Shoe Trades.

Sugden & Lovatt,

Silk Manufacturers,

Acorn Mills, Leek, Staffordshire.

Telegrams: "Lovatt, Leek." Nat. Tel. 26.

Closing Silks and Twists, Sewing and Embroidery

Silks of every Description, for Hand or Machine Use.

Reel Silks and Twists,

50 yds., 120 yds,, 200 yds., etc.

Tailors' and Dressmakers'

Silks and Twists.

Hatters, Glovers',

Saddlers', and

Hosiery Silks in all varieties.

Button-Holing Silks for Reece, Singer, and other Machines.

F W. Warmington & CO., f. w. warmington. London, Colchester, Deptford,

J. Lawrence. Leicester, Bristol

Tanners, Curriers, Dyers, Dressers of Leather for Shoemaking Purposes.

Head Offices and Warehouses: Inquiries receive Careful Attention.

34 & 36, Bethnal Green Road, London, E.

A Text-Book Of Mechanical Engineering

By Wilfrid J. Lineham, M.Inst.C.E., M.I.Mech.E.,

Head of the Engineering Department at the Goldsmiths' Company's Institute, New Cross; late Professor of Engineering at the School of Science and Art and Technical College, Newcastle-on-Tyne; Member of the North-East Coast Institute of Engineers and Shipbuilders. Price 12s.6d, net. Postage 6d. extra inland; 1s. 2d. abroad.

• 950 Pages, with 900 Illustrations and 16 folding Plates.

Size of Page, 8 in. x 5 in. It deals in an entirely new manner with the work of the Mechanical Engineer, and consists of Two Parts in One Volume - the First Part describing Practical Processes and Tools; and the Second Part treating of Theory and Illustrative Examples. On all hands the work has been found of very great use to both the Engineering Student and the Designer, as was confidently expected. The Illustrations are scale drawings in plan and elevation, which the Author has been at considerable pains to collect from the principal Engineering Firms - shaded perspectives being entirely excluded.