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Business Books

The Businessman and Entreprenerial visitors will find a variety books on doing business and laws or business here

-The Business Man's Encyclopedia
A Hip-Pocket Business Counsellor - A Pigeon-Hole Legal Adviser - An Office Hard-Nut Cracker - A Commercial Britannica - A Business Man's Guide Book, combined into two volumes - As full of facts and useful information as a plum pudding is of plums. Compiled By 27 Experts who have worried about as you have worried about - worked over as you have worked over - solved as you want to solve - the vexatious business questions and legal points these two little volumes so readily answer
-The Home Cyclopedia Of Business and Commerce | by Charles Morris
Practical Helps In Grammar - Spelling And Composition - Les-Sons In Penmanship With Model Copies - Forms For All Kinds Of Business Paper - Money And Banking - Bookkeeping Practically Illustrated - How To Use Figures Quickly - Business Law - A Vocabulary Of Common Business Terms. A Practical Business Instructor And Guide
-Hill's Manual Of Social And Business Forms. A Guide To Correct Writing
With approved methods in speaking and acting, in the vanious relations of life, embracing instruction and examples in penmanship, spelling, use of capital letters, punctuation, composition, writing for the press, proof-reading, epistolary correspondence, notes of invitation, cards, commercial forms, legal business forms, family records, synonyms, short-hand writing, duties of secretaries, parliamentary rules, sign-writing, epitaphs, the laws of etiquette, book-keeping, valuable tables of reference, writing poetry, etc., etc.
-Robert's Rules Of Order
Pocket Manual of Rules Of Order For Deliberative Assemblies I. Rules of Order. A Compendium of Parliamentary Law, based upon the rules and practice of Congress. II. Organization and Conduct Of Business. A simple explanation of the methods of organizing and conducting the business of societies, conventions, and other deliberative assemblies.
-Rules Of Order | by Benjamin Matthias
A manual for conducting business in town and ward meetings, societies, boards of directors and managers, and other deliberative bodies based on parliamentary, congressional and legislative practice.
-The Psychology Of A Sale | by Forbes Lindsay
Practical application of psychological principles to the processes of selling life insurance
-The Manufacture Of Boots And Shoes: Being A Modern Treatise Of All The Processes Of Making And Manufacturing Footgear | by F. Y. Golding
The aim of the Author in writing this treatise has been to produce a text-book useful to students attending technological classes, so that they may be enabled to supplement their knowledge gained in the class-room, and thus assist the instructor to cover a larger field than is possible under ordinary circumstances. It will also serve, it is hoped, as a handbook to some instructors by suggesting matter for teaching and demonstration in their classes.
-Clothing For Women: Selection, Design, Construction | by Laura I. Baldt
A practical manual for school and home
-Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and Business Efficiency | by Warren Hilton
* Psychology And Achievement * Making Your Own World. The Two Fundamental Processes Of Mind * The Trained Memory. The Elements Of Memory * Power Of Mental Imagery * Initiative Psychic Energy * Processes And Personality. Normal Processes Of Dissociation * Mind Mechanism * Mind Mastery. Practical Aspects Of Mind Control * Technique Of Success * External Efficiency Factors * Specific Applications
-Business Law Books
The Businessman and Entreprenerial visitors will find a variety books on law in business

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