Agreement made of................

between...................., hereinafter described as the

Employer and...................., hereinafter described as the Manager,


Whereas, the Employer operates a series of retail stores for the sale of..............., and

Whereas, the Employer desires to employ the Manager as the manager of one of its stores, and the Manager is desirous of entering upon said employment,

Now, Therefore, it is agreed between the parties, as follows:

1. The Employer agrees to employ the Manager as Manager of the store at...............or at any other store under the general management of..................., its successors and assigns, so long as the services of the Manager are satisfactory to the Employer, and the Manager hereby accepts said employment under the terms herein specified, at a salary of $.........

per week.

2. The Manager agrees to be personally responsible for all merchandise and money that may be charged to him in any of such stores of which he shall be Manager and for all moneys that are received by him or any of his subordinates.

3. The Manager agrees to and does hereby deposit with the Employer $ security for the faithful performance by him of all the terms of employment hereby undertaken by him and also as security for the complete and proper accounting by him for all the property or money obtained by him or his subordinates from the Employer or in the course of business on the Employer's behalf. The Manager agrees to be personally responsible for all said merchandise and money that may be charged to him in any of the stores of which he shall be Manager, and all moneys that are received by him or any of his subordinates.

4. Should shortages occur while the Manager is manager of any particular store or stores, such shortages may be deducted by the Employer for the time being from the $.......... cash security above referred to as soon as any shortage is discovered, and the. Manager agrees to pay any amount in excess of $.........., the amount of said security, to the Employer, upon demand.

5. It is agreed that the cash security furnished by the

Manager shall always amount to $..........., or over, and should any amount be deducted on account of shortages, the Manager agrees to provide a sufficient amount to restore the amount of such security to $........

6. The Employer agrees to pay the Manager at the rate of $.......interest per annum on the amount of said cash security, during the time it is in the Employer's possession.

7. In the event that the Employer should dispose of his business or should permit other parties to become interested therein in any form, then it is agreed that the security held hereunder may be transferred and held for the benefit of such succeeding employers or other interested parties and that this agreement shall inure to their benefit.

8. The Manager hereby admits that the merchandise shown on the annexed statement was in the store No....... the time of the date of said statement, and that the values thereof are correctly there stated, and that all the figures and computations on said account are correct.

9. The Manager agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Employer, its successors and assigns, from any expense or damage that may be caused to them, or either of them, by any claim made against them or either of them, based on any misconduct of the Manager or any alleged conduct or misconduct on his part.