To the extent permitted by law, said consolidated corporation shall have authority to purchase, acquire, hold and dispose of the stocks, bonds, notes and other evidences of indebtedness of any corporation, domestic or foreign, and to issue, in exchange therefor, its stocks, bonds, notes and other obligations.

Article XII

The consolidating corporations, parties hereto, hereby severally sell, assign, transfer and convey to................

the consolidated corporation formed pursuant to this agreement, their respective railroads together with all the rights, powers, privileges, franchises and other property used in connection therewith or pertaining thereto.

Upon the consummation of this consolidation, as provided by law, all and singular the rights, privileges, exemptions, franchises, property (real, personal and mixed), licenses, easements and interests of every kind, nature and description belonging to or in any way appertaining to said consolidating corporations, and each of them, shall be vested in and be the property of said consolidated corporation, and it shall succeed to and there shall attach to it all of the debts, obligations, contracts, tariffs, and any and all liabilities of each of the consolidating corporations.

The foregoing shall not be deemed to exclude any other effects, rights or privileges provided by law as incident to or resulting from any such consolidation and not herein specifically mentioned.

In Witness Whereof, each of said consolidating corporations has caused these presents to be signed by its President or Vice-President and its corporate seal to be hereunto affixed, and the Directors of said consolidating corporations have hereunto set their hands, of.........nineteen hundred and....................