Agreement, made and dated....................,....., between .........., residing at ............, hereinafter described as the seller and..........., residing at.........., herein described as the purchaser,


1. The seller agrees to sell and convey, and the purchaser agrees to purchase all that lot or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon, situate, lying and being in (insert description).

2. It Is Understood and Agreed that the Sellers shall immediately proceed with the construction of two buildings on the premises above described, in accordance with the plans and specifications made by............Architect, and which provides for the construction of ................and shall be arranged for the occupancy of two families on the second and third floors, and two stores on the ground floor and another adjoining building on the west thereof, arranged for one store on the ground floor, and for the occupancy of one family on the second and third floors, and one family in the rear of the store.

3. It is Agreed that the said buildings shall be constructed not only in accordance with the plans and specifications aforementioned, but also in accordance with any requirements of the Building or Other Department, State or Municipal, and that the buildings shall not be deemed complete until certificates of occupancy have been duly issued by the Building

Departments of the City of............and same, together with necessary electrical certificates of the Fire Department and.............Board of Fire Underwriters, are delivered to the purchaser, and said buildings must be completed in each and every respect, water turned on, all plumbing and steam heat instruments, pipes and apparatus shall be found in good working order and condition and everything that is reasonably implied as necessary and proper towards the completion of a building has been done by the seller, so that the building, when completed, and possession delivered, will be ready for occupancy without requiring any further additions, amendments or improvements. There shall be no variation of the plans and specifications by the sellers unless required by such State or Municipal Departments, and unless it be by and with the consent of the purchaser in writing. The premises shall also be delivered broom clean at the time of the closing of title as herein provided.

4. It us Also Understood and Agreed that should the sellers be unduly delayed thorugh any cause over which they are unable to exercise any control and for which they are not legally responsible, that then the time of the closing of title shall be deemed extended accordingly, but in no event, shall the purchasers be obliged to take title to said premises after the

.......... For the purpose of taking title, the sellers shall surrender simultaneously therewith the certificates of occupancy and the electrical certificates.

5. The price is $..........payable as follows:

6. The deed shall be delivered upon the receipt of said payment at the office of sellers at the expense of the purchaser, who shall also pay the mortgage tax, recording fees and United States Internal Revenue Stamps.

7. Rents and interest on mortgages,............if any, are to be apportioned.

8. The seller agrees that.................brought about this sale and agrees to pay the commission at the rates established or adopted by the.......Board of Real Estate Brokers therefor.

9. This sale covers all right, title and interest of the seller, of, in and to any land lying in the bed of any street, road or avenue, opened or proposed, in front of or adjoining said premises, to the centre line thereof, or all right, title and interest of the seller in and to any award made or to be made in lieu thereof, and in any award for damage to said premises by reason of change of grade of any street and the seller will execute and deliver to the purchaser, on closing of title, or thereafter on demand, all proper instruments for the conveyance of such title and the assignment and collection of any such award.

10. If there be a water meter on the premises, the seller shall furnish a reading to a date not more than thirty days prior to the time herein set forth for closing title and the unfixed meter charge for the intervening time shall be apportioned on the basis of such last reading.

11. The deed shall be in proper statutory short form for record, shall contain the usual full covenants and warranty, and shall be duly executed and acknowledged by the seller, at the seller's expense, so as to convey to the purchaser, the fee simple of the said premises, free of all encumbrances except as herein stated.

12. The seller shall give and the purchaser shall accept at title such as the Title Guarantee and Trust Company will approve and insure.

13. All personal property appurtenant to or used in the operation of said premises is represented to be owned by the seller and is included in this sale.

14. All sums paid on account of this contract, and the reasonable expense of the examination of the title to said premises are hereby made liens thereon, but such liens shall not continue after default by the purchaser under this contract.

15. If there be a mortgage on the premises and such mortgage has been reduced by payments on account of the principal thereof, then the seller agrees to deliver to the purchaser at the time of delivery of the deed a proper certificate executed and acknowledged by the holder of such mortgage and in form for recording, certifying as to the amount of the unpaid principal sum of such mortgage and rate of interest thereon, and the seller shall pay the fees for recording such certificate.

16. All notes or notices of violation of law or municipal ordinances, orders or requirements noted in or issued by the Tenement House Department, Fire Department, Building Department, Department of' Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, or any other State or Municipal Department having jurisdiction, against or affecting the premises at the date hereof, shall be complied with by the seller and the premises shall be conveyed free of the same. The seller shall furnish the purchaser with an authorization to make the necessary searches therefor..

17. Subject to Building Restrictions and regulations contained in a resolution or ordinance adopted July 25, 1916, by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment of the City of New York and amendments thereto.

18. The risk of loss or damage to said premises by fire until the delivery of the deed is assumed by the seller.

19. The stipulations aforesaid are to apply to and bind the heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns of the respective parties.

Witness the signatures and seals of the above parties.