The Landlord agrees that if the leasehold estate hereby-demised shall be conveyed by mortgage or deed of trust by the Tenant as herein provided, and if the Landlord shall be notified in writing of such conveyance and of the name and address of the mortgagee or trustee therein, then notice of the default in the performance of the covenants in this Indenture contained, of the same kind and in the same manner and for the same length of time as are hereby required to be given to the Tenant, shall also be given to such mortgagee or trustee.

25. Signs. It is agreed that the Landlord may within six (6) months next preceding the expiration of the term of this indenture place signs upon the walls, doors or windows of the building or buildings upon said demised premises, advertising that the said premises are for rent or for sale, which said notice or notices shall remain thereon without hindrance or molestation.

26. Inspection. The Tenant agrees and covenants that the Landlord or agents at all reasonable times and during all reasonable hours shall have free access to said demised premises, and through any building or structure that may at any time be thereon, or any part thereof, for the purpose of examining or inspecting the conditions of the same or of exercising any right or power reserved to the Landlord under the terms and provisions of this Indenture.

27. Joint Signatures. The parties agree and covenant that the joint signature of the Landlord and the Tenant shall be required in all cases to any petition, contest or other instrument in writing whereby any person or corporation may directly or indirectly acquire the right to use or occupy any portion of the street or streets upon which said demised premises abut; that whenever any law now or hereafter in force requires the consent or petition of the owner of said demised premises for any purpose whatsoever, the joint signatures of the Landlord and the Tenant shall be necessary; and the Tenant hereby expressly agrees and covenants that it will not in any case sign any such petition, consent or other instrument in writing requiring the joint signatures of the Landlord and Tenant for the purposes last above mentioned, unless such petition, consent or other instrument in writing shall first be signed by the Landlord.

28. Suits. The Tenant agrees and covenants that in case at any time any action at law or in equity or other proceeding shall be begun against the Tenant or against said premises to secure or recover possession thereof, or in any wise affecting the title thereto or the interests of the Landlord therein, then the Tenant upon notice or knowledge of said action, injunction or other proceeding, will forthwith give written notice thereof to the Landlord.

The Tenant agrees and covenants that in case the Landlord shall, without default, be made parties to any litigation commenced by or against the Tenant, then it will pay all costs and reasonable attorneys' fees incurred by or imposed on the Landlord by or in connection with such litigation; and, further, that the Tenant will also pay all costs and reasonable attorneys' fees which may be incurred or paid by the Landlord in enforcing any of the covenants, agreements and stipulations of this Indenture, and all such costs and attorneys' fees when paid by the Landlord shall become at once a first and valid lien upon the buildings and improvements on said demised premises and upon the leasehold estate hereby created, and shall be so much additional rent due on the next day when rent is due and payable after such payment or payments, together with interest at........per centum per annum from the day of payment and shall be collected as other rent specifically herein reserved.

29. Repossession. The Tenant agrees and covenants that if default shall be made by it, its successors or assigns, in the payment of the rent herein reserved, and such default shall continue for........days after notice thereof in writing to the Tenant, its successors or assigns, or if default other than in the payment of said rent shall be made in the agreements, stipulations and covenants, or any of them herein contained to be kept, observed, performed or fulfilled by the Tenant, its successors and assigns, and said default shall continue for..........days after notice thereof in writing to the Tenant, its successors or assigns, then and in either or any such event, it may and shall be lawful for the Landlord at any time thereafter, without, however, waiving or postponing any right against the Tenant or the right to enforce any bond or other security given for the faithful performance of the covenants and agreements herein contained, to enter into or upon the said demised premises, repossess, expel the Tenant or anyone holding under it, its successors and assigns, and remove their effects forcibly, if necesssary, without prejudice to any rights or remedies whether by statute or common law which might otherwise be used, for recovering arrears in rent or for breach of any term, covenant or condition of this Indenture, and such entry, repossession or such expulsion or removal, whether by direct act of the aforesaid Landlord or through the medium of legal proceeding for that purpose instituted, shall not terminate this Indenture nor release the Tenant from any liability for the payment of any rent stipulated to be paid by this Indenture or the performance or fulfillment of any other condition or covenant provided herein, whether before or after such entry, repossession, expulsion or removal by the Landlord, and in case of such entry by the said Landlord they may lease or relet the said premises in whole or in part, or the buildings and improvements thereon, to any tenant or tenants that may be satisfactory to them, and for such term or terms and at such rent or rentals, terms and conditions as the Landlord may deem best, and the acceptance of any tenant or the making of any such lease by the Landlord shall be conclusive of the proper discretion so vested in the Landlord. In case of such re-entry, the Landlord shall use and apply any and all rents so received by them as follows: