Public service companies are more strictly limited than others in entering into contracts in restraint of trade, because of their duty to give equal service to the public. They can make no contracts inimical to that duty62 Thus an agreement by a railway company to give a single telegraph company the exclusive right of establishing a line of telegraphic communication along its road is invalid, being both in restraint of trade, and contrary to the policy of a particular statute;63 and an agreement for an exclusive right of way over a tract of land to be given a natural gas company or oil company, also has been held invalid.64

A carrier may contract with a particular transfer company that the latter shall have an exclusive right to solicit custom on its trains or premises.65 The same has been held in regard to express business,66 but not without dissent.67 Exclusive privileges to hackmen,68 and to load logs between stations,69 have been held not invalid as a monopoly in restraint of trade.

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The effect of the Interstate Commerce Acts must also be considered.

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