Subject to the slight qualification thus imposed by the police power, a corporation in one State may not only sell its goods for delivery in another State but collect the price in the latter State.21 And goods may be sent to a factor in another State for sale on commission, the title to remain in the foreign cor-poration until the goods are sold; without thereby violating statutes prohibiting the doing of business within the State by unlicensed foreign corporations.22 And even though a corporation of one State maintain a storehouse in another, to which goods are shipped as ordered and from which they are distributed, any laws of the latter State not justifiable under the police power, cannot affect its business, for it is interstate commerce.22 But if it is an agent's duty to sell and deliver, as a resident agent of a foreign corporation, it seems that the latter is not engaged in interstate commerce, but is doing business within the State, and is, therefore, subject to local laws.34 And the installation of machinery or other goods may be so far a distinct matter from the interstate sale as to subject a corporate seller undertaking the work to local laws imposing conditions on the transaction of business within the State.34a

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