The effect of a tender in giving rise to a right under a bilateral contract has been elsewhere considered,8 and here there is only in question the effect of a tender upon an absolute obligation.9 Such an obligation may conceivably be performable only at one time, as a contract to work on a particular day, or the obligation though due on a particular day may be capable of performance on any day thereafter. A typical obligation of the latter sort is an obligation to pay money. A valid tender of performance of an obligation of the former sort necessarily discharges the obligation.10 But a tender of performance of an obligation to pay money or of any obligation which is capable of performance after the day when performance was due, has no such effect. A right of action on a pecuniary debt is not barred by a prior tender;11 but the debtor is free from liability for interest and costs from the date of the tender.12 Moreover, the right to any lien, pledge, or security held by the creditor is thereby lost by him.18 This is true at the present time though the tender is made after maturity of the debt or after the law day of a mortgage.14

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In First Nat. Bank of Seattle v.