Agreement made........between........hereinafter described as the "Husband" and........his wife, hereinafter described as the "Wife," and........Trustee of said Wife, hereinafter described as the Trustee, Witnesseth:

Whereas disputes and unhappy differences have arisen between the Husband and Wife, for which reason they have been living separate and apart from each other.

Now, Therefore, in consideration of the premises, the parties hereby covenant and agree, as follows:

1. It shall be lawful for them at all times hereafter to live separate and apart from each other and each of them agree to permit the other to reside and be in such place and places and in such family and families and with such relative, friends and other persons and to follow and carry on any trade or business or occupation. Neither shall, nor will, at any time, sue or suffer the other to be sued for living separate and apart from each other, or compel the other to live with him or her, nor sue, molest, disturb or trouble any other persons whomsoever for receiving, entertaining or harboring the other and neither will, without consent visit the other, nor knowingly enter any house or place where the other shall dwell, reside or be, or send or cause to be sent any letters or messages to the other, nor shall or will, at any time hereafter, claim or demand any of the money, jewels, plate, clothing, household goods, furniture or stock in trade, which the other shall, or may, at any time hereafter have in his or her power, custody or possession, buy or procure or which shall be devised or given to him or her, or that he or she may otherwise acquire. Each shall and may enjoy and absolutely dispose of the same as if they were single and unmarried.

2. The Husband agrees that the Wife shall have the custody and control of their........and that he will not attempt to compel live with him or to alienate from his said Wife in any manner by word or act.

3. The Husband agrees that from and after........, he will pay or cause to be paid for........from the date hereof, for and toward the better support and maintenance of his said

Wife and of said child, $........, weekly. Said payments to be The Wife agrees to accept said payments in full satisfaction for her support and maintenance.

4. The Wife agrees that she will permit the Husband to visit the a place to be designated by her and apart from the house or place where she may reside or be; this contract to be void in the event of the wilful refusal of the

Wife to permit the Husband to visit and see aforesaid.

5. The Trustee, in consideration of the sum of One dollar to him duly paid, covenants and agrees to and with the Husband, to indemnify and bear him harmless of and from all debts of his said Wife, contracted, or that may hereafter be contracted by her, or on her account; and if the said Husband shall be compelled to pay any sum debt or debts, the said Trustee hereby agrees to repay the same, on demand, to the said Husband, with all damage and loss that he may sustain thereby.