Art. 6. Drawings And Specifications On The Work

The Contractor shall keep one copy of all drawings and specifications on the work, in good order, available to the Architect and to his representatives.

Art. 7. Ownership Of Drawings And Models

All drawings, specifications and copies thereof furnished by the Architect are his property. They are not to be used on other work and, with the exception of the signed contract set, are to be returned to him on request, at the completion of the work. All models are the property of the Owner.

Art. 8. Samples

The Contractor shall furnish for approval all samples as directed. The work shall be in accordance with approved samples.

Art. 9. The Architect's Status

The Architect shall have general supervision and direction of the work. He is the agent of the Owner only to the extent provided in the Contract Documents and when in special instances he is authorized by the Owner so to act, and in such instances he shall, upon request, show the Contractor written authority. He has authority to stop the work whenever such stoppage may be necessary to insure the proper execution of the Contract.

As the Architect is, in the first instance, the interpreter of the conditions of the Contract and the judge of its performance, he shall side neither with the Owner nor with the Contractor, but shall use his powers under the contract to enforce its faithful performance by both.

In case of the termination of the employment of the Architect, the Owner shall appoint a capable and reputable Architect, whose status under the contract shall be that of the former Architect.

Art. 10. The Architect's Decisions

The Architect shall, within a reasonable time, make decisions on all claims of the Owner or Contractor and on all other matters relating to the execution and progress of the work or the interpretation of the Contract Documents.

The Architect's decisions, in matters relating to artistic effect, shall be final, if within the terms of the Contract Documents.

Except as above or as otherwise expressly provided in these General Conditions or in the specifications, all the Architect's decisions are subject to arbitration.

Art. 11. Foreman, Supervision

The Contractor shall keep on his work, during its progress, a competent foreman and any necessary assistants, all satisfactory to the Architect. The foreman shall not be changed except with the consent of the Architect, unless the foreman proves to be unsatisfactory to the Contractor and ceases to be in his employ. The foreman shall represent the Contractor in his absence and all directions given to him shall be as binding as if given to the Contractor. Important directions shall be confirmed in writing to the Contractor. Other directions shall be so confirmed on written request in each case.

The contractor shall give efficient supervision to the work, using his best skill and attention. He shall carefully study and compare all drawings, specifications and other instructions and shall at once report to the Architect any error, inconsistency or omission which he may discover.

Art. 12. Materials, Appliances, Employees

Unless otherwise stipulated, the Contractor shall provide and pay for all materials, labor, water, tools, equipment, light and power necessary for the execution of the work.

Unless otherwise specified, all materials shall be new and both workmanship and materials shall be of good quality. The Contractor shall, if required, furnish satisfactory evidence as to the kind and quality of materials.

The Contractor shall not employ on the work any unfit person or anyone not skilled in the work assigned to him.

Art. 13. Inspection Of Work

The Owner, the Architect and their representatives shall at all times have access to the work wherever it is in preparation or progress and the Contractor shall provide proper facilities for such access and for inspection.

If the specifications, the Architect's instructions, laws, ordinances or any public authority require any work to be specially tested or approved, the Contractor shall give the Architect timely notice of its readiness for inspection, and if the inspection is by another authority than the Architect, of the date fixed for such inspection. Inspections by the Architect shall be promptly made. If any such work should be covered up without approval or consent of the Architect, it must, if required by the Architect, be uncovered for examination at the Contractor's expense.

Re-examination of questioned work may be ordered by the Architect. If such work be found in accordance with the contract, the Owner shall pay the cost of re-examination and replacement. If such work be found not in accordance with the contract, through the fault of the Contractor, the Contractor shall pay such cost, unless he shall show that the defect in the work was caused by another contractor, and in that event the Owner shall pay such cost.

Art. 14. Correction Of Work Before Final Payment

The Contractor shall promptly remove from the premises all materials condemned by the Architect as failing to conform to the Contract, whether incorporated in the work or not, and the Contractor shall promptly replace and re-execute his own work in accordance with the Contract and without expense to the Owner and shall bear the expense of making good all work of other contractors destroyed or damaged by such removal or replacement.

If the Contractor does not remove such condemned work and materials within a reasonable time, fixed by written notice, the Owner may remove them and may store the material at the expense of the Contractor. If the Contractor does not pay the expense of such removal within five days thereafter, the Owner may, upon ten days' written notice, sell such materials at auction or at private sale and shall account for the net proceeds thereof, after deducting all the costs and expenses that should have been borne by the Contractor.