Sec. 1: Factors determining development of contract.

Sec. 2. Characteristics of primitive law.

Sec. 3. Characteristics of contract at primitive law.

Sec. 4. Evolution of contract at Roman law.

Sec. 5. English origin of American law of contract.

Sec. 6. Methods of development of law.

Sec. 7. Anglo-Saxon courts and procedure.

Sec. 8. Contract at Anglo-Saxon law.

Sec. 9. The Norman Period. Sec. 10. Angevin Period - The Law of the court. Sec. 11. Land law supplementing gaps in contract law. Sec. 12. Contract at law of local courts and at law-merchant. Sec. 13. Contract at law of ecclesiastical courts. Sec. 14. Contract in early equity. Sec. 15. Early procedure as affecting contract law. Sec. 16. Ultimate triumph of law of king's courts. Sec. 17. Jurisdictional importance of writs. Sec. 18. Debt.

Sec. 19. Other contracts in the law of Henry IT. Sec. 20. Covenant - The contract under seal. Sec. 21. The other formal contracts of the older law. Sec. 22. Relation between debt and covenant.

Sec. 23. Limitation on jurisdiction of king's courts before in consimili casu. Sec. 24. The statute in consimili casu. Sec. 25. Development of assumpsit.

Sec. 26. Assumpsit ultimately separated from trespass on the case. Sec. 27. Genuine implied contract originally unenforceable directly in king's courts. Sec. 28. Genuine implied contract a legal but unenforceable right. •

Sec. 29. Genuine implied contracts in equity. Sec. 30. Recognition of genuine implied contracts by king's courts. Sec. 31. Development of quasi-contract. Sec. 32. Contract at modern law. Sec. 33. The period of codification.