Sec. 223. Representation must mislead.

Sec. 224. Fraud as to identity or existence of subject-matter.

Sec. 225. Fraud as to identity of adversary party.

Sec. 226. Distinction between identity of person and ualities or characteristics.

Sec. 227. Fraud as to terms of oral contract.

Sec. 228. Fraud in execution - Existence of written contract.

Sec. 229. Fraud in execution - Contents of written contract.

Sec. 230. Written instrument represented as identical with prior contract.

Sec. 231. Negligence as affecting fraud in the execution - Party unable to read or prevented from reading. Sec. 232. Party reads contract.

Sec. 233. Party able to read but omits to read - Contract held void. Sec. 234. Contract held valid.

Sec. 235. Relations of special trust and confidence. Sec. 236. Rights of bona fide holder of negotiable contract. Sec. 237. Effect of fraud of third person. Sec. 238. Fraud in execution as making contract voidable. Sec. 239. Rescission in equity. Sec. 240. Restitution not condition precedent. Sec. 241. Reformation for fraud in execution.