i. history of doctrine of consideration

Sec. 509. History of the doctrine of consideration - Debt and covenant.

Sec. 510. Assumpsit.

Sec. 511. The problem of the instrument at law-merchant.

Sec. 512. Consideration eventually held necessary.

Sec. 513. Consideration, offer and acceptance, and subject-matter.

II. DEFINITION AND NATURE Sec. 514. Definition of consideration.

Sec. 515. "Benefit" and "detriment."

Sec. 516. Good and valuable consideration - Nature of good consideration.

Sec. 517. Sufficiency of good consideration in trusts and conveyances.

Sec. 518. Sufficiency of good consideration for executory contract - Consideration held sufficient. Sec. 510. Good consideration held insufficient. Sec. 520. Good consideration in equity. Sec. 521. Statutory provisions. Sec. 522. Consideration must be that contemplated by offer and acceptance. Sec. 523. Consideration distinguished from condition of gift. Sec. 524. Act in reliance on promise as consideration. Sec. 525. Consideration supporting several promises. Sec. 526. Consideration and motive.

III. PARTIES TO CONSIDERATION Sec. 527. To whom and from whom consideration must move - Classification of transactions. Sec. 528. Consideration moving from promisee to promisor. Sec. 529. Consideration moving from promisee but not to promisor.

Sec. 530. Consideration moving to promisor but not from promisee - English theory. Sec. 531. Consideration moving to promisor but not from promisee - American theory.

Sec. 532. Consideration moving from two or more - Promise to one.

Sec. 533. Consideration moving from one of two or more promisees.

Sec. 534. Consideration moving from promisee to one of two or more promisors.

Sec. 535. Consideration neither from promisee nor to promisor.

Sec. 536. Consideration moving from promisor to promisee.

IV. NECESSITY OF CONSIDERATION Sec. 537. Gratuitous executory promises. Sec. 538. Gratuitous bailment. Sec. 539. Gratuitous agency. Sec. 540. Executed contracts. Sec. 541. Consideration unnecessary by statute.


Sec. 542. Conveyance of rights in realty. Sec. 543. Transfer of rights in personalty. Sec. 544. Change of form of obligation. Sec. 545. Work and labor and support.

Sec. 546. Forbearance of legal rights - Release of debts and contracts.

Sec. 547. Release of claims not arising in contract. Sec. 548. Release of liens.

Sec. 549. Extension of time.

Sec. 550. Forbearance to sue.

Sec. 551. Dismissal of action.

Sec. 552. Waiver of rights to legal process and procedure. Sec. 553. Abstinence from competition.

Sec. 554. Rights in decedent's estate.

Sec. 555. Waiver of other rights arising out of contract. Sec. 556. Waiver of other rights concerning property.

Sec. 557. Waiver of rights not involving property.

Sec. 558. Incurring obligations. Sec. 559. Subscriptions - Necessity of consideration. Sec. 560. Subscriptions - Incurring obligations.