Words or conduct amount to an acceptance only if they show that the offeree means to accept,the offer.1 For this reason an uncommuni-cated offer can not be accepted.2 Silence does not amount to assent;3 and cross-offers do not constitute a contract.4 Retention of money received under an offer has been held not to amount to an acceptance if notice of the rejection of the offer was given promptly.5 The only difficulty in applying this last principle arises where the retention of benefits is wrongful, unless it amounts to an acceptance; and where, accordingly, the offeree accepts by his acts and rejects by his words.6

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An exception to the rule that intention to accept is an essential element of acceptance is found in jurisdictions where acts done without knowledge of a reward are considered as an acceptance of an offer of a reward for the doing of such acts.7 Such jurisdictions regard communication of the offer and intention to accept as equally unnecessary in such cases. Refusal to accept such reward, if made when such act is done, will prevent recovery of the reward.8 If A offers a reward for doing a certain act, and B does such act, declaring that he does not intend to claim such reward, such act on the part of B does not amount to an acceptance.9