Acceptance, on the other hand, by the great weight of modern authority, is regarded as operative, if made by mail or telegraph, from the moment that its transmission begins, provided that such transmission is made in due form, that the terms of the offer or the circumstances under which the offer is made, show fairly that the offeror contemplated acceptance by mail or telegraph; that the offer does not itself fix the time at which acceptance by mail or telegraph is to take effect; and that the offer is one which does not fix the time for which it is to remain open, and therefore by implication of law such offer must be accepted in a reasonable time.1 This rule was first laid down in a case in which

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Whether we regard this rule as a wise one or not, it must now be regarded as firmly settled, subject to the limitation set forth in this section. If a loss occurs after the policy is mailed to the insured and before it is received, the insurer is liable upon the policy since it took effect when it was mailed.8