In transactions between persons in confidential relations, where an advantage is taken by the person holding the dominating situation, the fact of inadequacy of consideration, even in the absence of a weakness of mind, greatly strengthens the presumption of undue influence.1 Thus a conveyance by a child to a parent;2 a contract by a ward to convey to the guardian, made soon after the relationship has expired;3 a conveyance by a niece to an uncle in whom she has great confidence,4 especially if he has been her guardian;5 a conveyance by a wife to her husband;6 a conveyance to a spiritual adviser;7 a conveyance in trust to a physician and attorney on their advice;8 or a release by a devisee to an executor,9 have all been avoided if on inadequate consideration. So a surrender by a legatee to an executor of legal rights made under a mistake as to their nature and for an inadequate consideration, will be avoided.10 Like principles apply where trust and confidence or actual influence exists, though without technical relations.11 Thus a mortgage,12 or conveyance,13 by a parent to a child, or by a stepmother to her step-son;14 a note given by an uncle to his nephew who had full management of his business;15 a sale of a legacy to a legatee's confidential adviser;16 or a conveyance to a sister who has great influence over the grantor,17 have all been set aside when upon inadequate consideration.

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The surrounding circumstances may show that the contract is fair and reasonable, even if the consideration is inadequate.18 The relation between parent and child is such that a conveyance by a parent to a child on inadequate consideration, or without any consideration,19 is not on that ground alone regarded as caused by undue influence or constructive fraud.