The release of a lien,1 such as a mortgage,2 or a vendor's lien,3 or a mechanic's lien,4 or a judgment lien,5 or a levy,6 or a lien on chattels,7 a chattel mortgage, defective but not void,8 or a pledge,9 a release of an attachment,10 or a waiver of an attorney's lien on papers,11 are all considerations. So the waiver of a right to obtain a lien,12 or an agreement to refrain from obtaining garnishment,13 is a consideration.

7 State, exrel., v. Hills, 94 0. S. 171, L. R. A. 1917B, 684, 113 N. E. 1045; Skagit State Bank v. Moody, 86 Wash. 286, L. R. A. 1916A, 1215, 150 Pac. 425. (There was said to be another consideration in the bank's waiver of its right of action against the original debtor for overdue interest.)

In some cases, such promises are held to be enforceable on the theory of estoppel. Skordal v. Stanton, 89 Minn. 511, 95 N. W. 449; Hurd v. Kelly, 78 N. Y. 588, 34 Am. Rep. 567.

A covenant by the bank to continue in business is a consideration for such promise. Hurd v. Kelly, 78 N. Y. 588,

34 Am. Rep. 567.

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Bank, 55 S. Car. 51, 32 S. E. 816. A promise by remainder-men to treat mortgages made by a life tenant as valid is supported by the consideration of the mortgagee's promise to release all the realty but one parcel from the lien and to aid in preventing a sale of the premises by the sheriff. Columbia Avenue S. F., S. D., T. & T. Co. v. Lewis, 190 Pa. St. 558, 42 Atl. 1094. (Even though the premises were sold at public sale, but not by sheriff.)

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