It may be added that in one sense accuracy of nomenclature is very important. Since ideas are expressed by words, misuse of words is likely to result in confusion of thought. Every legal idea should find expression in a definite and unequivocal form of words; and every technical word or phrase should be limited to one legal idea. In another sense nomenclature is of no importance. If the idea to be conveyed is clearly understood, discussion of the language in which it should be expressed usually involves time and energy that might be better employed. The nomenclature of our law is very defective. Such technical terms as it has are for the most part borrowed from popular language. It is, therefore, rare to find them possessed of that accuracy of meaning that the more artificial terms of science enjoy. Still, as the courts are unwilling to accept suggestions for a more artificial and accurate nomenclature, we must strive to use the terms actually employed with such accuracy as is possible.1

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